very important notice re bike- and run course

Dear participants,

as you noticed probably, there has been a slight change to the bike course and to parts of the first lap of the run as well. this had become necessary due to an event which is being held on the same day.

The bike course:

For those, who have participated in the last couple of years, will have noticed that the bike course will not include the hairpin at the north grand stand, but will take ” the turn ” a bit earlier. Once you are on top of the hill, you will take a left hand turn and will face a zig zag corner as you go down the hill to reach the counterstraight on the other side. The zig zag chicane only is ca. 60 – 70 metres in length, but also includes a drop of ca. 15m during that length. So therefore, you can see there is not a lot you can gain during that time, but you could lose a lot by not being careful. not worth taking the risk.

Please everyone be aware of this corner, use caution, respect each other, do not take any unnecessary risk.

This zig zag chicane will be heavily marshalled on both sides. The chicane has the same tarmac than the course, same width and also the same grip. So this gives you an idea how it feels, still no need to be Tarzan or Tarzane! 😉

the run course, first lap:

since the bike course will not include the hairpin at the north Grandstand, subsequently the run will also not go through there. The run first lap will follow the bike course through the same chicane as desecribed above. you will go left from the service road onto the race course and follow the chicane downhill running on the painted flat curbs, which is no problem at all. once down the hill you will cross the counterstraight onto the sidestrip and run safely until the entrance to the service road of the counterstraight and then you can continue the run as per usual. everything is coned out and clearly marked.

That is it for the changes. no big changes, but every change has to be mentioned. I strongly suggest that you familiarize with the course plans and memorize them.

Good luck to everyone and wishing everyone a safe and successful race! 🙂

Cheers Olivier! 🙂


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