Evolve and adapt.

Yo, i had time to think about last week a little bit. As usual, i gave myself 2 mins to enjoy the win. after that, i had forgotten about it. yesterday’s news. in the evening, i sat together with my wife and we celebrated a bit and ate a bite. next day, business as usual. treshold swim and a bike ride with some core strength in the evening.

what has gotten me to this point? well it is simple. i have never stood still. i have always adapted and evolved with the game. That is what keeps it so fresh for me even after all this time in the game. Still learning on the job on a day to day basis. that is what i love about it.

at 46, i feel better than ever and i feel that i have evolved mentally and physically onto another level yet again. In my particular case, that is hard work. real hard work. no one is ever there to witness it. it is done in absolute silence and behind the curtains. that is how i want it to be. no other way.

I feel like this year 2021, just like every other year, is a special one. I am blessed, grateful and thankful to be on this planet and breathe more or less fresh air here in Dubai. That is what its all about. I am grateful and thankful for all those people around who believe in me and make it possible for me to be the best version of myself.

Even in this moment, i will continue to adapt and evolve. never stand still. standing still is like going backwards.

i wish you all the best in all your endeavors as well. May God bless you.

C all of u soon.


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