License to blog

I know, the new 007 movie is gonna hit theatres way late. only in 2021. but no worries, i am here to help. Yes, i am licensed to blog.

yeah, that is right. I have registered my company with the DED and now can offer services in social media advertising and internet content creation to interested companies. By all means, if you like the kind of triathlon content that i create, please get in touch by leaving me a message on this blog or send me DM on my IG @olivetree.sports. thank you.

i always thought how i could give something back to the sport. My main occupation is to be a competitive athlete. i mean i just love it. i love to race. people do know me for that and that is great. Next to that, i always thought for a long time that i could maybe coach people. But very honestly, i know diddly boo about coaching. nada. So therefore if i don’t know nuttin about it, how could i stand credibly in front of people and give information? That would be half ass and that is not what i am about.

I am pretty good with words. always was. i like a written message and very receptive for any kind of language. i taught myself how to read english from a very early age and felt always very comfortable expressing myself with words. On top of that, when i say something i say it with credibility and charisma. People believe me when i say something. So i take that seriously. In regards to triathlon, i know how to create content too. in fact, got a long standing experience creating TriYas, the best triathlon event in the Middle East together in a team with the great folks at ADMM. I did that for 7 years and my god, that was a great experience. Not only athletically, i have won TriYas 3 times but also contentwise i have learnt from the best in the game in what creating content is concerned.

Social media wise, in the past, i have to admit i was a bit on and off, not really interested as i had other priorities but now being on social media and present consistent, engaging, relevant content is now a priority. And i love it. Because i also had to mature a bit to grow into all of this. I aint no millenial, i did not grow up with social media. it took a while to get it. but now i do.

As far as creating content for me, it is very natural. All of these stories and bits and pieces, they are all in me. I dont have to think about it. Thats why it is not contrived or fake. I am not a person to produce or create something. I just say how i feel about it. Because i am truly passionate about the game and have paid my dues, and continue to do so, it comes very ez to me.

The feedback from my feed and stories that i get from the audience is great and very motivating. Thank you very much to each and everyone of you, i really appreciate the support and will continue to work hard. I never take anything for granted.

All of our media, we create in house. Action shots, moving, static photography, videography, graphics. What do i mean by we? my wife Petra, also has a company called Salty Eyelashes, of course she is also registered with DED. Check out also check out her IG @petrafit_dxb. She is a great photographer. She is the visual mind behind all of this and i produce the language and business structure. We have combined forces and we really enjoy it.

as a business we offer photography, action shots, reviews, product endorsements, feed posts, story posts, competition shots to name a few. if this is up your alley, get in touch and we ll take it from there.

Licensed to blog. truly indeed. 48/50 and Olivetree Sports, my company and Salty Eyelashes, my wife’s baby, these things have come about without too much thinking really. it was born very spontaneously. Like a lively champagne.

And to that ending, i say cheers. and cheers to all of you. Take care and stay safe.

Yours Sincerely.


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