time flies

yo, and another year pretty much has gone by. and what a year it is ( was ) and still will be, whats left of it. it started off very normal like every year does. But then the Covid pandemic hit. I did IMNZ ( which was the last race before the lockdown ) and got out in time from NZ. then the lockdown. i was never in prison and don’t intend to go there in the near future, but in Dubai that is how it felt like. but let us not make it worse than it really was. I always say if you want to enjoy liberties then you also have to do something for them. pay sacrifices, reorganize your priorities etc.

if you really look at it, since the end of WW2 in 1945, we never had to face any real struggle. Not like my parents did, or let alone my grandparents. Unfortunately, it seems that a lot of the people nowadays have forgotten about the hardships and losses that went on during and after that time. Since 1945, the western world in general has pretty much enjoyed an uninterrupted period of growth, material gains and personal liberties like never before.

But in this time, it seems to me that generally people do not seem to value this anymore and have taken most of the luxuries of today for granted. But these things do not come for free. Every once in a while, you are asked to do your part and contribute so that society can function again in regular patterns. It takes discipline and responsibility to accomplish that. regarding covid, it is the simple things that matter: stay away from each other, no hugging, no shaking hands, cover your mouth etc. kids stuff, but yet most grown ups struggle with it.

for me personally, 2020 was a good balanced year when i look back at it. i am working daily with my meditation to improve myself so that i can be present and attentive to what my loved ones require and that i can meet those requirements. i do not have many relationships, but the few ones that i have are positive and free of negativity. Businesswise, things are on the up and up. Sportively, i have focused during 2020 on Long Distance with the goal to ” pump up the volume ” and that i have accomplished by putting up a new PB in Ironman of 8h 8min. I did the unthinkable for myself at least and performed at a world class level during 4 weeks by putting up 2 monster scores back to back in Ironman of said 8h 8min and 8h 19min 4 weeks before that. I am very proud of that. it will stay with me forever.

after that, i came home and continued training for the Challenge Daytona. But i told my wife i don’t want to do it because i find it irresponsible as an AG to go there to a race. in this time, that does not make any sense. sure as a pro to be present in a big money race is logical, but i don’t race for money so i can go there next year. no issues with that.

Instead i said to my wife: why travel when i can race here in the UAE as well? she thought that was a good idea. The whole year i basically have not done any real speed training, more IM long stuff. So racing Olympic Distance was a bit daunting, but i think i managed fine for an old guy. it felt great to turn it up to 10 and it was like i never left. in 2 of the 3 races i had mechanicals on the bike which sort of stopped me a bit in my tracks. Result wise, 2 x 2nd and 1 x 4th is nothing to complain about.

I recharged my batteries and look forward to things to come. They may not be possible to plan ahead, but hey that is ok.

Sporting wise, i still feel that burning burning fire in me. The molten lava so to speak. i still want to continue to prove myself just like all these years before. I have seen in my training that there are improvements in all 3 disciplines. So the way i see it, the best is yet to come for either 70.3 and Ironman.

i take always things one day at a time. i know how it feels to be really low and feel not quite yourself on the edge of breaking down like i was in 2018 after my accident. i rebuilt myself to be better stronger, and more importantly i have learnt something from it. if my career was to end tomorrow, i would be a really satisfied and happy guy with all the things that i have reached. anything that comes my way, is a cherry on top. i am very blessed and thankful and take nothing for granted.

i wish you all the best for the next year and season. may your dreams come true and most important of all that you all stay healthy.

see you out there.


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