Jebel Ali sprint wrap up

Yo fellow triathletes, what’s up? all good? training well? I am sure all is well with y’all.

In another instalment for TRIYas, I want to report from the Jebel Ali sprint, which took place on the 01.02.2014 in Jebel Ali on the Jebel Ali Golf resort grounds and in the surrounding marina.

Super race again, organised from Race-ME-Events. big thanks to everyone in the team, you guys do a great job every time and you keep improving the little details, which is super.

To the race itself, which for me is a prep race for TRIYas and ADIT, the field was quite packed ca. 300 altogether spread over several waves. Since it is a sprint distance ( 750m swim ), you cannot waste time and have to be alert from the beginning. my swim went well, although my wetsuit was closed a bit too tight around my neck, and after a 200m run from the beach to transition, clocked a good time. Niels had a good swim as well, and had about a 30sec advantage onto the bike. Transition went smooth and I caught Niels at km 2 of the bike ( slightly longer than usual 20k sprint distance, ca. 23.5k-ish ). From then on, I controlled the effort and put in a solid bike without overdoing it. Onto the run ( 5k ), I had stomach issues and had to expand a considerable amount of energy not to s… myself. Stayed calm and sucked it up like a man. Despite the issues on the run, I managed to grow the lead as well on the run as on the bike ( btw, the new run course is awesome! really fluid! ).

All in all, despite the problems, I was lucky enough to come out on top on that day slightly under 59mins. Congrats to Niels Meissner, who showed a strong performance and also congrats to Stefan Spies, who rounded out the podium on the day.  well done, fellas! 🙂

it shows that even if not everything goes to plan, if you focus on the task at hand and rely on your experience and stay calm, you overcome the obstacles in front of you.

As you can see from the pics below, there seems to be a growing number of juniors participating in the events. Young, New Blood, that’s what’s up. 😉

Enjoy the last bit of your training. TriYourSelf. TRIYas by Daman Activelife.

Cheers 🙂


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All pics by Giorgio Cecchinato Copyright 2014. used with permission.


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6 Responses to Jebel Ali sprint wrap up

  1. It was a great race indeed, those Race-me guys are good on such things. Good luck in TRIYAS and ADIT 😉

  2. Will be my first olympic distance triathlon in TRIYAS and i am doing the ADIT short course, trying to push my limits in my first season 😉
    Keep up the good work

  3. Olivier says:

    Yeah, thanks, I will do that. good luck to you too in both of them! 😉

  4. Johan Moolman says:

    Well said Olivier, well done mate, a true inspiration to the sport

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