My own private Idaho

Who remembers that great movie with Keanu Reeves and the unforgettable River Phoenix from the early 90’s? stuff of legends.

The movie has nothing to do with this post, which is another instalment in the run up to TRI Yas, but the title does. Let me explain why:

Yesterdizzel, I had a rest day and I used my lunch break to do stretching exercises on the lawn in front of our office next to the car parking. Since it was lunch break, people were up and about doing their thang.

My stretching drew quite a bit of laughter and stares. But I don’t care about that, anybody can laugh as much as they want, at the end of the day I am the one that’s fleeeeeexible.

and that is the point of this blog: do what you want no matter what other people might think or if others are laughing. In order to follow your training routine you have to lock yourself into your little bubble and be a little selfish, hence the title: my own private Idaho. that place where you follow the beat of your own drum. And just like Idaho, that place is sometimes ugly ( re: the Badlands of Idaho, early settlers described this place like hell with the lights out ) and sometimes beautiful ( re: Sun Valley, most beautiful mountain ski resort in Idaho. ) Whether the bubble is sometimes beautiful or ugly, it is still your bubble and you are in charge of what’s happening in there. And just like Idaho, the bubble is big with wide open spaces.

skip lunch. get on that lawn. etisalat phone booths are great for stretching. come on. TriYourSelf. TRIYas by ActiveLife.

enjoy. 🙂


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