Challenge Prague

Yo, the tiger quickly came out of the jungle and now will disappear back into it. But before that happens, a couple of words for yesterdays race here in Prague. My yearly fixed appointment racewise has now changed from independent race to the Challenge brand for the better of the event. Well organized and heebs of spectators in the middle of Prague. Personally i also a race this event because my inlaws get to see me race and that is a special motivation for me as well to do good.

Good weather predicted and good weather we got. 30C on degrees with a good breeze once you got out of town into the open valley of the Vltava river. A valley that has been been formed by glaciers moving over the area during the last ice age. The swim is quite a tight affair lets say because you have ca. 800 competitors who want to squeeze underneath a bridge that is ca. 50 m wide. Lots of Greek roman wrestling in the beginning and i got a couple of knocks here and there, but that is part of the game. Got on the bike and immediately took off very efficiently towards the lead which I wasn’t far off. At km 60 i was in the lead group with Petr Soukup, who i thought that the both of us will fight for the overall AG crown, next to myself. And so it was the case. We stayed together on the bike put out some good power and got off the bike together and never left each other out of sight with more than 30sec.

The run in Prague is always difficult as the overall surface is very uneven to say the least plus the got a 1k cobble section in there to make Roubaix style. Both Petr and I had the best runs of the day and finished both in the top 10 overall in a good quality pro field. I finished off with a 1:18 run off the bike, next to 25:00min swim, 2:14:00 bike to give me 4:05:00 with a huuuuuuuge T1 of 4plus minutes. Naja what to do. I m happy with top10 overall and 1st in 40 44 AG. The density and quality of performance in AG’s get better every year.

My family supported me very enthusiastically and big up to them. Thanks to Superschmu Petra, my dad and Lubos Bilek for preparing me for this comp.

I feel great and thankful and look forward to my next challenges.

Peace out



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