all i know: training

Training consistently over an extended period of time with the application of proper techniques in all three disciplines is the key to success in triathlon.

I get my training from a highly professional coach with remarkable references with scientific degrees in biology, physiology. His personality is the opposite of mine because like Paula Abdul says: opposites attract.

I love to train. Triathlon is a lifestyle. but I love to compete even more.

I train alone because in non drafting triathlon over the Olympic, 70.3 and IM distance you have to compete alone. supposedly.

If you train with others, make sure the number does not exceed 3 max. 4 and all importantly that all participants are pretty much on the same level. mass workouts don’t work out. you might as well stay home. they only train social skills, not physical skills. But if that is what you are after, all the power to you.

training should consist of 2 or max 3 weeks building with an ” easier ” week in the gap and then repeat.

you have to create your own little perfect storm for training: use anything in the environment around to train in. the more creative and adaptive you are in that respect, the more it will show in the results.

training is fun. If training is not fun, you have to check what you are doing.

before you go out training, lay out the stuff in front of you like a 4 year old. saves a shit load of time.

it is important to finish training like it says on the paper. if you can’t finish like it says on the paper, then you have to adapt.

you have to be honest to yourself in training.

training is a great place to leave all of your problems behind. so you won’t to have to piss someone else off. I find that always very therapeutic.

if you train in a group, it is important that everyone leaves the ego at the door. otherwise a hierarchy develops. Then you won’t get the results out of the training what you are after because your mind is occupied with other shit.

I like training in Dubai. it is not beautiful, it has an industrial flair to it. But that’s what I like about it. no distractions. not for everyone though.

in training I always have songs in my head. I like to have that inner rhythm. At the moment, any song from Drake’s ” nothing was the same  ” LP kicks ass. I guess everyone likes different shit.


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