Before the storm

I never listen to music during training because it does not let me feel my own pulse. But I always listen to music when driving to a race. Just puts you in that right state of mind. I know, music taste is very subjective but here is what I get pumped up with. enjoy.

I do not own any rights to all of the below music, so forget about pulling a Sean Parker on me. Deftones, pure energy. Dixie Chicks, super version of Stevie Nicks’s Landslide. Sinead O’Connor, if you are not pumped after this, you will probably never be. I always get goosebumps. Sepultura. Brazil’s finest minus the G strings from Copacabana. Jay-Z before the storm music. Pear Jam’s Ten. One of top 10 Rock Albums of all time. Limp Bizkit. you either love or hate em. I love em. Drake. This song is like Dave Scott, Mark Allen, Macca and Crowie working out together.





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