bikes for sale

selling my Cervelo P5 version 6 2014 model plus Scott Plasma 3. only serious requests PM me on FB and the you get some pics. 🙂

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Luxembourg 70.3

Bonjour mes amis, and a big Yo or the french equivalent of that ( what might that be? ) from the South of France in St Tropez, where i spend a couple of days training in between Luxembourg 70.3 and Challenge Roth.

I had a couple of days now to digest the race physically and mentally and have a good feeling about it. After having arrived on Wednesday, they were in the middle of winterwave in Luxembourg. Relatively low temperatures just below 15C and rainy, windy conditions was the complete opposite of Dubai, with ca. 43 44 45C.

Not really my cup of tea, as my system does not respond very well to anything below 20C. The desert in Dubai has made a complete pussy out of me.

On top of that the airline has cracked my Lightweight disc while transferring from Dubai. The crack was somewhat significant and did not allow to be used with safety in the competition. So i had to use a 404 in the back and the usual 808 in front. A bit of a disadvantage since i like to use the disc at every race.

Going into the race, there were 2 disadvantages against but i am professional enough not to use that as an excuse or to let it bother me.

The race itself was going to be a stacked one from the beginning. A deep field with a couple of world class guys ( Raelert, Lange, Diederen, Degasperi and my teammate Manu Kueng ) plus a lot of other Belgians, some Dutch and many French as well. Speaking in general, any race anywhere nowadays is stacked, worldwide. Thats how competitive this sport has become and thats how deep the density of performances in the field goes.

On Saturday, the weather was sort of okay, no rain, ca. 16C with a dry, cold quite powerful wind, the field was all set. The water start of the ca. 20+ pros went off with the usual greek roman freestyle put cleared out quickly.

I had a good swim and found myself with Degasperi and Martijn Dekker on the bike and we took turns on the slightly changed bike course ( they added 200 altitude meters ), which is really amazing along the mosel and other countryside in luxembourg.

came off the bike slightly cold and numb in my joints in 13th and had a good run with good turnover despite being cold which kept me from going faster, i wanted to, but it did not work out. i passed a couple of guys on the run, including Degasperi and managed to finish 10th and score some good 70.3 KPR points in my second race in a row as a pro at a WTC race. my teammate Manuel Kueng managed to win his first 70.3 race and i am very happy for him. Well done Manu!

At the same time, i also managed to become Luxembourg LD champ for the second time since 2013, which is cool as well.

Thanks and congrats to everyone who raced, to everyone that supported me and i hope to see you soon.

Before i start in Roth, i have a small sprint race in Sempachersee, Nottwil in Switzerland as part of the Swiss Pro Triathlon circuit. Small race with big names: Ruedi Wild, Manuel Kueng, Jan van Berkel, Maurice Clavel and Sven Riederer and others are on the startlist, so it is going to be a fun non drafting sprint outing on the 5th of July.

peace out and take care

O – chien du Sud de la France. Ouai, Ouai, quel heure est-il 🙂

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70.3 Vietnam

yo, just got back from 70.3 Vietnam. got 8th place. quite happy with that. but i am honest with myself, i need to make certain improvements. absolutely super duper race and great organisation by the Sunrise Events Ironman crew from the Philippines. they did a great job for a first year race.

the place itself, Danang, is beautiful. It is located in the middle of Vietnam close to the old emperor’s town, Hue. Vietnamese culture is awesome and very hospitable. They know how to cook thats for sure. beautiful area too.

the race itself was going to be tough, hot and humid from the get go. i felt good during the swim, conserving energy always in the back of your mind. the bike part was just blistering hot with very little wind to cool you down, but somewhere in the race you always have to lay your cards down. i thought the bike part was the area where you could push it to put yourself in position, i did that.

on the run everybody just died. james had the only sub 1:20 time, the rest of us was closer to or slightly over 1:30. that s how hot it was, no wind to cool you down on the run. heat just slows everyone down by a big chunk of time. in these moments, you have to know how to fight and persevere.

next for me is luxembourg 70.3.

peace out.

O dawg

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ha, just stumbled over this. HealthX, a community initiative about healthy living, was held the night before TRIYas 2015, and check out the link to see what I had to say. This year’s topic was ” Personal Performance “. enjoy. 🙂

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a look back

Yo, its been a while since my last post. I am occupied with improving my skills rather than be present in the social media. still, I take a look back at my first UAE season as a professional. Since turning pro last November, I have elevated my physical and mental game and have put out fine performances against world class fields. But it is not all cookies and cream, there are 1 or 2 legs, where I did not perform as well as I could have. But overall very happy with the progress and ready to progress further.

Since turning pro, I have realized that the performance output of the fields is very dense. One little mistake, i.e. my swim in Challenge Dubai where I did a shit job of sighting/swimming, and bum, you are being passed by 25 guys. That is how close racing is. But that is also the great thing about it. You have to be on top of your shit at all times.

I enjoy the decision of having turned professional. I met some great people.

Part of being professional, if you choose to do so, there is also a business aspect to it i.e sponsors. I was sponsored for a very short time by Compressport, but have terminated the relationship because they changed distributors, and the new distributor is not to my liking personally. But regardless of my personal opinion, Compressport is a great brand with high quality products, so support them please wherever you can.

As for sponsors, if you are interested in working with me, my door is open for anyone at any time.

now it is time for the overseas season and I look forward to all those races. see you for the next UAE season.

peace out. 🙂

O Dawg

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Compressport: my clothing partner for 2015

Compressport squareCompressport rectangular

It is with great pleasure that I present Compressport as my clothing partner for this season. Starting from Challenge Dubai this Friday onwards, I will wear the non-chafing, very aerodynamic, snug, fashionable, dryfit, functional and high quality triathlon t-shirt and shorts with integrated compression as well as the highly acclaimed low rise fluo pro race socks on the run leg for 70.3 and Ironman racing.

Compressport has been established in 2008 and has redefined the compression market with very innovative yet high performance products. In the short time of its existence, top athletes have won 5 world championship titles and are represented in 70 countries. If you want to know more about the brand, please log onto .

EFAA Sport Equipment's photo.

In the UAE, the product is available at the EFAA store next to MOE, or at selected retailers.

Here some pics on how the clothing looks like:

IMG_9612 IMG_9622 IMG_9653 IMG_9656 IMG_9688 IMG_9680

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all i know: the mental game

the brain is just like a muscle. you need to train it as well.

In any triathlon of any distance, the mental side and the physical side need to work together in unison. without them working together, it does not matter whether your are Hercules or Zeus, nothing goes. that for me is the fascinating thing about triathlon.

the high requirement of substance and maturity on the mental side is the reason why triathletes are at their best when they are a bit older.

to train the mental side, I train by myself. only when you are with yourself, you recognize, see and learn how to follow your patterns. having people around distract from this process of self discovery. but one shouldn’t be alone the whole time.

in training when I prepare for competitions, I use the tool of the visualisation. what does that mean? I imagine/portray a picture or a sequence of pictures in my head of a certain situation that occurs in a race i.e crossing the finish line as a winner, cycling through a technical part of the course, the start gun etc etc. the key for this is to visualize as many details as possible and to train it frequently. the more you train it, the easier it is for you to see it.

especially in the latter stage of races the mental part becomes more important than even the physical part.

I am able to take full advantage of my mental/physical strength because I am honest with myself and others about triathlon and my intentions about pursuing the sport.

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Challenge Bahrain: a bouquet of impressions

ManamaChallenge Bahrain bike course

the course led over the whole island pretty much. swimming in Bahrain Bay in the north of the island in the capital Al Manama, cycling in a southbound loop to the F1 BIC track in Sakhir. Then a run to the adjacent al Areen Wildlife park. instant classic, homey. On the left side is a picture of Bahrain trade centre.

male pro start list

I wasn’t supposed to beat a lot people on this list, but managed to be quite a few in the end.

pro swim start

the men pro swim start next to the new Four Seasons hotel. cool building.

me run

at the finish, totally ” finished “.

Sakhir F1 track

to top of bike leg, we had to complete a lap on the BIC F1 course before heading out on the run.

Challenge Bahrain run

the run leg was held entirely on a twisty slightly wavy course entirely through the Al Areen wildlife park. totally cool because the animals in there run around freely….just ask Jodie Swallow….she almost got run over by huge ostrich. they had camels in there, zebras, horses, etc. really cool and something different.

Sheikh Nasser racing

HH Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad al Khalifa really delivered a great race as well with 4:21:00. congrats to Him and the rest of the Bahrain team.

Oli Bahrain bike

I had a great race. good swim, steady bike and consistently fast on the run. no complaints, but as mentioned I see areas where I can still improve big time.

hope you enjoy this bouquet. see you out there next year. 🙂

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Game changer

Yo. one yo won’t do it. all the Yo’s in the world won’t do it. As the title says, we witnessed a game changer this weekend in Bahrain. It was a homerun on every level.

Let me recap:

1. hospitality offered to us by HH Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad al Khalifa

I have been living in the Middle East for the past 10 years and hospitality towards guests is very important and an integral part of the culture. Challenge Bahrain was a prime example on how Bahrainis treat guests. Absolutely splendid.

2. organisation

the team around H.E Dr. Saqer al Khalifa did a fantastic job. It takes a lot to pull something off perfectly and they did that. congratulations to everyone. well done.

3. super deep Pro field men and women

To gather a pro field like this in beginning of December, that’s impressive. a huge price purse helps.

4. race courses

the courses were iconic and reflected iconic places in Bahrain. swimming in Bahrain Bay admits the new sky scrapers, cycling one loop on the highway to BIC F1, one loop on the F1 course, running through Al Areen Wildlife park, finish at the BIC F1. instant classic. point to point courses do work.

5. after party

normally everybody leaves the tent about half a second after the trophies have been handed out. not this time. Dire Straits, Akon and others kept the place rockin.

6. the Midde East triple crown

3 Challenge races over the Middle East in Dubai in Feb, Oman ( date tbc ), Bahrain in Dec. 1.000.000 USD price purse. great opportunities to deliver great performances.

7. Challenge Family

smart move, guys, smart move.

8. the 20m draft rule

works really well. it puts the non drafting back in non drafting triathlon. made for fair racing except for ” defo super close contact ” from a usual suspect from Germany now living in Dubai, who comes with a heavy backpack in that department.

As for myself, I had a great race. worked out well for me. slept through the swim start a bit, had a controlled steady bike with consistent aerodynamics, good run with good technique. my best so far, but I see much potential in certain areas.

this triathlon felt like my first business trip to Africa: scared, excited, happy at the same time, well prepared. I feel proud to be part of stuff like this. so enthusiastic.

I will make a separate post with thank you’s.

peace out

O dawg 🙂

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Yo, today was a special day. Win or lose, doesn’t matter. This event has made a clear mark on everyone that participated, either beginner or expert, pro or amateur, team or individual, participants or bystanders. After today, pretty much everyone in Dubai has seen what triathlon is all about. on a personal note, i am very proud to have been a small part of it.

i have just recapped the race with my coach Lubos Bilek, and as a bottom i can say i am happy about the outcome. Although i never tell anyone, today i really wanted to win the event, not become second or third or fourth ( as it turned out to be ), but to win.

And in order to accomplish that, you have to take risks. Today that risk was to swim hard and not lose too much time to the front. I had a pretty good swim ( 26:20) on the 1.9k and once on the bike caught the leaders ( at that moment David Plese and Eric Watson ) after ca. 20k together with Macca, Nick Gates, Kevin T and Till Schramm.

Catching those guys was a decisive moment: thats when i took the risk to go together with David Plese during the rest of the bike and share the work. David put a small gap on me before the end and i got off the bike from him ca. 45sec later just shy of 2:08:00. it was a crazy bike with lots of strong swirling winds but mostly head on though.

now came the hardest: a very hot wind swept run. started off good but soon realized that i had to scale back a little bit to finish the run steadily. i am not the only who will tell you that the winds cross and head on the run were no small. plus the run was a bit too long ca. 800 metres, as you can tell by the very slow run times by pro standards, i managed to hold it together, but had to let Till and Kevin pass, who had a strategy to be a bit more conservative on the bike. i managed to get in at 1:30:00 which is slow for me, but under the circumstances it was acceptable.

hey, no risk no fun. thats racing. sometimes taking risks works out, sometimes it does not. today it did not work out.

racing professionally is much different than racing amateur. in the pros, you have not so much discrepancies, the performance output of everyone is much closer together that in the ams. in short words, more or less, everybody swims bikes and runs the same. It is the strategy and risk taking which make the difference whether you win or lose, so basically you have to be smart when you race and apply a proper strategy, whatever that maybe.

also i would like to congratulate David, Till and Kevin today for their performances. Well done, guys. My hat is off to you. super stuff.

also i would like to thank the Race Me team, Christian, Paul, Andy, Chrissie and all the others and the volunteers. well done to a great event.

see you all around. peace out

🙂 o dawg

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