Red Bull times 10

Yo, damn what a weekend it was. I still have the wind in my ears. The inaugural Dubai 70.3 really had it all: bad weather as usual lol, wind in abundance 35k plus,  strong super deep field, tight stacked dense racing, great organisation and a super spectator atmosphere. so let us tackle it one by one:

the weather, it seems like we can’t catch a break here in the Middle East for what concerns the horrible weather for triathlon weekends. DIT, storm, Bahrain, storm, now Dubai 70.3 storm. but hey, it is the same for everyone. you have to adapt and overcome.

wind, gotta say I am used to it but on Friday it was quite strong at times. gusts up to 45 50k. you really had to hold on to the bars. the wind did not really help as much as it looked like, it was more over the shoulder on the way out and pretty much straight in your face for the whole way back. Most races in the Middle you have to be aerodynamically very good, but this one especially. turtle and parcel style.

damn, the field was good, really top world class guys there to kick off the HH Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad al Khalifa Triple Crown trophy, with the 1Mio USD up for grabs for the guy who wins the 3 races: Dubai, 70.3 world champs, and Bahrain. Frodo has great chances to do that. For the women, if nothing unforeseen happens, you can sign the cheque already lol. great to see that so many fellow pros made the way out to Dubai already at the end of January.

Well, the racing was just like in Bahrain, super dense and tight all the way. I like it like that because it gets the best out of you. Personally, I think we are so lucky to be able to compete in the most golden times. As for the race, the swim was a bit shortened with a longer beach run towards T1. I swam in the second group with Aernouts, Plese, Williams etc and started chasing right away on the bike. Strategically I knew that the bike, and not the run was the decider today, and hence invested more power than usual on the bike. This strategy proved to be correct as the run was much slower than usual because of the strong cross- and headwinds on the beach. Once off the bike the positions did not change drastically. Frodo is just a different beast operating on a different level. just amazing how easy he makes it look. it’s great to think that he can pull this off in January already.

As for my race, I felt good throughout and invested correctly. had a toilet break on the run, so lost a bit more than a minute there. other than that, all good, but a lot of room for improvement. good points for Kona and a good overall position in the KPR after 2 races for me. I simply love triathlon and look forward to my next races.

special shout out to the race organisation: Dubai as a municipality, the sports council, Ironman, the RACE ME crew, and the countless volunteers from the triathlon community really have made a special race and created a great vibe. absolutely fantastic and a big thank you to everyone.

the spectators and the atmosphere was Red Bull times 10 for me: such good love, a wave of motivation, the screaming, the support gave me wings every time I passed. The trick is to take it all in, but not to let it overwhelm you. This experience was really special and there are barely words to describe it. Thank you very much.

see you around.

peace. do triathlon, not war.








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Bahrain 70.3 Middle East Championships

Yo, this weekend in Bahrain the ME 70.3 Championships were held. stacked field with plenty of the who’s who in Ironman triathlon, lots of money and KPR points up for grabs. It was the first time that the WTC held a race over here.

I went into the race well prepared and off the back of my first 70.3 victory in Dubai a couple of weeks earlier. Also one of my LB Training team mates, Christian Hoerper from Germany, came to Bahrain. I was happy to see a team mate again after some time.

the race itself was a blast. the organisers made the right decision in cancelling the swim as it was way too dangerous. when are we ever gonna have regular weather on race day? but, hey, it is an outdoor sport everybody has to be able to adapt to the weather.

it was cut down to bike run, with a start from the swim exit onwards to the bikes. onto the bikes, the course was pretty much the same than last year with some minor changes.

let me say this: it was one of the hardest rides I ve had. the high winds from WNW meant wind from behind over the right shoulder. I clocked over the 90k 2:01:45 I think with almost 45kph avg with ca 300 310 watts, most parts of the high way it was 57 58 54, I topped out at almost 70kph on the flat. absolutely crazy but a lot of fun. it is misconceiving to believe that because the wind helps, you have to do less work and can salvage the legs. well that’s wrong, in contrary there is no place to hide. Bart Aernouts had a 1:56:00. amazing.

on the run the carnage continued. I got off the bike together with Ben Hoffman and Alberto Molins, and we set off on the runcourse with quite high pace and butted heads, but no one could really move or break away. They improved the run course also by keeping it more in the F1 area which I think is better although it is a bit more cornery and more de- and accelerations. at the end, I managed a 1:19:00 semi marathon and felt happy with that result given the fact that it was partially super wind on the run course as well.  Just like DIT, the wind here also influenced the run.

crossed the finish line in 13th overall, just overtaking Richie in the end and about a minute or so behind Ben. So many great athletes racing this weekend that I am quite satisified with the result, but still have for improvement of course. also, got some good good kpr points. congrats to my team mate Christian, who got 7th. so proud of you dude. well done. 🙂

story of the weekend of course, Daniela Ryf, absolutely blasting it and taking home the million bucks. It is not so much about the money but the fact that she is unbeaten in almost 2.5 years over pretty much any distance. She is humble and calm and down to earth as well. great athlete.

also good stuff from the Bahraini guys. HRH Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad al Khalifa once again pulling out all the stops. Bahrain just rocks, dude.

now time to prepare for some new challenges and see you out there.


o dawg

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Rhonda lost

One of my favourite athletes, ” Rowdy ” Rhonda Rousey lost surprisingly her bantamweight title against ” The preacher’s daughter ” Holly Holm via a hidden-behind-a-punch kick to the temple of the head from Holm in the second round.

Come on, Rhonda, I know you can get it back.

Anyone, no matter who it is, can lose everything at any given time. you can never rest on your laurels. you are just good as your last fight. always keep grounded firmly and work hard and hope for the best. fight your ass off.

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Dubai International Triathlon 70.3

Yo, whats hattnin, 2nd edition of Dubai 70.3 the original one in the Middle East, was held yesterday at the same time than the 35th International Weather and Nautical Gods Convention. Yes, you heard it right, no proper triathlon in Dubai without crazy winds and a swell that would make Patrick Swayze of Point Break blush. But hey that is triathlon, it is an outdoor sport. You have to be able to handle the elements otherwise you can sign up for a knitting competition.

But nothing that the Race ME crew around Andy Fordham couldn’t handle. Top organisation with split transitions at JBR and at Bab al Shams. crosstown traffic management on a Saturday morning across Sheikh Zayed road, Al Khail road and 611 in association with the lovely fellas at Dubai Police and the RTA. totally safe bike course. I never looked felt threatened. that is really impressive.

great swim course with a hefty swell and current at Dubai Eye. great bike course from JBR to Bab al Shams with fair riding and a race marshall on a Harley Chopper with a ton of authority. If he ever wants to join the Hells Angels Switzerland chapter, I can hook him up. wildfloweresque half offroad half tarmac run at Dubai Endurance Village. Enjoyed every bit of it.

Enough talk. Now to the important bit:

Big thank you to Petra, I love you. my dad. Lubos Bilek for keeping me in shape. all the folks at Race ME, Andy Fordham, Paul Venn, Chris Berglehner and Laura, David Labooooosh and Caroline, Jacqui and all other volunteers. Thanks to Meydan for letting us in at Dubai endurance village. all the police and RTA guys, good stuff. The sponsors who make this possible and also the media coverage. Also big thanks to Zeus, Neptune, Mercure and all the weathermen and women in the world.

also well done and congrats  to Till Schramm Eric Watson and Ryan Christian for fighting it out. I was the lucky one coming out on top. Congrats to all the other competitors for finishing such a tough race in such tough conditions.

look forward to the next one. 🙂

peace out


O Dawg

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Yo, this has nothing to do with the (in)famous rap group N.W.A from the eighties, and I m not thinking about going into the rap business. Although I am bit tempted, when I hear Drake’s new shit. Dude’s got it locked down so cold. really motivates the hell out of me. Honestly, dunno what he wants to do with Serena Williams?? the two don’t fit together at all.

anyway, back to the topic. B.W.A. means butt with attitude. yeah, that’s right I am trying to teach my butt to be intelligent. To think for me basically. but not limited at that, I want my butt to reason for me. in order for your butt to progress you have to teach it on a daily basis. otherwise it don’t make sense at all.

One day, driving, I realized that human movement is controlled by the muscles in and around the butt to a large extent. you can feel a lot of things with it, too. So I thought to myself: if I train it specifically, then it should help me to perform better?

if I can judge it by last weekend’s performance, yeah, I can say then I am on the right track. btw, last weekend nice, well organised Xterra event in Kalba by the kind folks at UrbanUltra.

holla at cha boy.

O dawg 🙂

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deal(s) of the century made

as an update:

Cervelo P5 sold. Scott Plasma still available. great bike for triathlon beginners, not willing to spend the superbucks. price negotiable. holla at me if you are interested.


Chien O aka O Dawg

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The steal(s) of the century

2 of my bikes are for sale. you can follow the link for more info:

prices for the Cervelo 25.000AED, for Scott 12.000AED

any serious questions please let me know.

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my first birfday

yo, that’s it now. I can blow out that candle on the cake.

my first season as a pro is over and I want to take a look back.

all in all, I reached my targets. sometimes a bit better, sometimes a bit worse. There have been highpoints like Challenge Bahrain 2014, TriYas 2015, Lux LD champs 2015, Challenge Almere 2015. But at the same time lowpoints such as the swim in Challenge Dubai 2015, DNF at Challenge Roth.

targets with 70.3 race were to finish in all the races in the top 10, did that. goal at TriYas was top5, did top 5 and I wanted to learn how to race Ironman more competitively, did that. plus in the world class races ( i.e Challenge Bahrain, Challenge Dubai, Challenge Roth ) finish as high as possible. did that only in the Challenge Bahrain with a top 20.

Most importantly I have learnt for myself that there is a difference between Olympic distance/70.3 and Ironman racing. Olympic distance racing and 70.3 are totally different in strategy/performance output than Ironman. totally different ballgame.

this weekend in Challenge Almere, we were 3 athletes over 40 in the top 10 overall in a high profile Ironman race. Dirk Wijnalda, 42 and Gerritt Schellens, 49 and myself, 40. age aint nothing but a number.

as mentioned before already, the performance output in pro triathlon has become very dense at the top. the fields are close together and proper detailed prep makes the difference to set yourself apart. there are no more ” easy ” triathlon races. Worldwide, year round, there are deep fields everywhere. My training has to keep pace with this circumstance and gives me the motivation to get better on a daily basis. Furthermore, the influx of more and more ITU guys into middle- and Ironman distance racing raises the bar even more, because ITU athletes are athletically and fundamentally better athletes than athletes from outside the ITU developments. This trend will continue and proof of that is that guys like Jan Frodeno and Javi Gomez rip the middle and long distance apart for years to come.

living and training, racing in the UAE year round is a huge advantage. it is a tough environment and prepares you adequately for races in ANY part of the world. no need to go anywhere.

if you race on a professional level, next to all the performance stuff, there is also a ” business ” side, if you so want to be involved in that. not my favourite part. while writing the following, I don’t mean it as being apologetic. Despite the fact that I am a good looking, eloquent, producing good results and top performances, honest, solid, emotionally dependable character, I don’t seem to be able to entice anyone to support my cause and triathlon career. quite honestly, that frustrates me sometimes. but I am very well aware, that you truly can’t have everything in life, and I do not want to overextend the credit that I get from the game. I can live very well with that. Also, I do not walk around with the expectation that people would owe me something. that is definitely not the case. my mom always said: ” Olivier, if you are really good at something, the others will come to you. ” today, I am not so sure if that is the case anymore. Today, it seems more the case that you have to be more ” likeable ” aka be schmoozy with all the people on a personal level instead of focusing on the facts of being good and producing top results. I think today’s self publishing and the possibilities resulting out of that have a great deal to do with that.

I prefer the latter: be productive and produce performance.

I am not really a cuddle bear and I don’t like to open to open myself to people on a very broad basis. in plain English, I like to do my own thing and it speaks for itself.

Even in this day and age of self publishing, there is no substitute for physical experience. When the gun goes off or the door to the cage closes, it is still a race. All the self publishing in the world is not going to be of any help. if you want to be worthy in that very moment, you have to be prepared on every level, physically and mentally and perform what you have learnt. This will not change. It was there with the Neanderthals when they tried to hunt down a mammoth, and it will stay with us until the end of our days, no matter how technological advanced we are.

now, I look forward to the new season and want to attack new goals and accomplish them. Thanks for all your support and I wish truly everyone all the success with your endeavours in the future.


O dawg

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Heineken tastes better in Holland

Seriously, I had a pint of Heineken in a pub in Almere, and boy, did it taste good. The Heineken export version which we get over here, sucks in comparison.

Yo, whats hattnin? just got back from Challenge Almere doing the full distance. got 10th place with a time of 8:45:10 in typical dutch windy conditions, and with some sunshine from the middle of the bike onwards.

it was a really good field at the start ca. 30 Pro men, because Challenge Almere mostly is also the Dutch LD championships at the same time. The field was spearheaded by Markus Fachbach, and the Dutch Dirk Wijnalda, Eric Simon Strijk, Mark Oude Bennink Diderik Scheltinga up and comer Thijs Koelen and Belgium routinier Gerritt Schellens and Roth specialist Roeland Smits, German Jens Kaiser, Dutch legend Remy Vasseur, US punk rock boy AJ Baucco and also next generation Dutch Ironman. You may never have heard from these guys, but they are all sub 8:30 guys and Roth top 10 finishers, so they know a thing or two about long distance racing. 😉

Challenge Almere is a very old race, it s been there since 33 years. quality race, tough windy bike course, honest distances.

the swim was held in the Weerwater, a marsh lake surrounding the city centre of Almere. very very cold water for me at least coming from the desert, 17C.

the swim went well, I was with the second group so around 10th position and therefore in good shape for the bike as well.

the bike was as expected: very windy and you had to be astute on how and where you spend your power. the out bike part was along on top of the dijk so you were really exposed to the wind. on the way back we hit the polders and some woods. It felt like riding in a videogame at times. I did a good job with that too so I was all set up for the run.

started a bit too fast in the run, payed for it a little bit but not too much in the end. I thought I was sub 3 because I crossed the mat at 2:59:45 but after that it was still ca 200metres to go to the finish, so that’s why I was a couple of seconds over the 3 hour mark. but hey I ll go sub 3 next time then. 😉

all in all a good race. I am quite happy with the performance, but still needs a lot of work to do.

peace out.

O dawg 🙂

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prague 70.3

yo, got 8th yesterday at 70.3 prague. consistent performance.

peace out. o dawg.


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