Mahatma Vader

Yo, it s been quite an intense time in the last 2 months. My usual highly dedicated, disciplined solitary training regime, which has taken me now to a different level in consistency and performance output is going well. I am really looking forward to the competitions to come. But really at the end of the day, i just want to follow day by day and be the best triathlete i can on a daily basis. The rest will take care of itself.

Also, at the same time i am very busy building my new business as being partner in Super Sports and that is super exciting. Super League Triathlon is coming along great and our team at Super Sports fully supports it.

Normally, people would be maybe get tired out of this, but i feel highly energized by all of this. It makes me happy and fulfills me.

In the meantime, i continue to mature and take things with a grain of salt, but at the same time still the same old Vader.

I will compete in Durban on the 18.6 and then 2 more 70.3 before Kona. Dubai is the place to be for training in the summer. High temps and humidity require a lot of dedication and mental toughness to get through plus it has similar effects than altitude training on you.

So, as you can see, all is where it needs to be.


Mahatma Vader

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Tri and tunes podcast

Yo check out this podcast below is the link. New show every 2 weeks. Check this one out thanks to my man Bernie Arthur

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full circle

yo, whats hattnin. hope all good. all is good with me, thats for sure. now there is a full circle: overall wins from sprint distance, olympic, offroad, half, and now with the overall AG win at IMSA in overall AG course record time i have put the last notch in the belt.

But there are still 2 things left to be done, on one hand be the best possible Oli that i can be in Kona and get as close to 8h mark as possible.

With the overall AG win at IMSA, i have qualified for Kona as well, and i really look forward to that. Now i feel i have the confidence to prepare, train and compete toe to toe with the best.

Honestly, i have forgotten about IMSA already. When i sat in the anti doping piss check to give the urine sample 10mins after i finished, i already thought about where i am going to train, who i am going to train with for Kona. no need to rest on past accomplishments.

Having said that, i was so happy that my wife was there and totally enjoyed seeing here being happy for me as well. Lets face it, she has to make huge sacrifices to endure the constant training and competing from my side. I dedicate this win to her as well and love her very much. I wouldn’t be anywhere without her. Her love is a huge motivation for me.

having analyzed the race, i have seen huge fuck ups from my side. I slept through the swim start, the first half of the swim was shit, the second half of the swim was good. The bike was mostly quite good, the last 10k of the bike were not so brilliant. The run was ok, but had some dark side Darth Vader moments between km 26 27 and 31 32, the last 5k of the run were pretty ok. It was pretty hot on the run, 32C with some wind. The bike was not that windy this year only in spots, but the road is so bumpy like there is no tomorrow. I thought the swell in the ocean was quite hard but hey it is a real ocean swim. We fought it out pretty hard between the Norwegian Lars Stormo and the Brazilian Cid Barcelona. We stayed together for the 180k on the bike in a fair, gentleman way. Lars and I did most of the work, Cid mostly spend time at the back, but in a fair way. That is his choice. Ryan Christian was also with us for ca. 60k in the beginning but then fell off. Off the bike, i overtook Lars straightaway and then Cid overtook me and put a gap on me but never more than 30secs. The usual slug begins and then finally at 35k i overtook him shook his hand, wished him good luck and took off. and thats that. i realized at 39k i can run under 3h, and thats why i accelerated one more time to get under the mark. which i fortunately did. crossed the finish line in a new amateur course record time in 8:48:00, which is quite an honour.

back in Dubai and back at the gym yesterday for some light training to get better and plot the next steps. i still feel like a beginner. i know fuck all.

at the awards it was great to see that TriDubai won the TriClub div 1 championship. super stuff, that. Also congrats to my man Andy Mac and Andy Edwards on their Kona slot. you guys are great. fantastic. Triathlon in Dubai is doing well. Congrats to everyone from Dubai and everywhere who finished this brutal test.

peace out.

Bumpy Johnson




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Yo, just got back from Hammo this morning. Hammo is the aussie word for Hamilton Island. Hamilton Island is a private resort island owned by the Oatley family and part of the Whitsunday Island, QLD. It is located just 1.5h north of Brizzy. Brizzy is short for Brisbane. I think the aussies like abbreviations.

Man, it is so cool up there. Sort of tropical, hot as hell, very humid, beautiful, super hilly and secluded, and also a little bit expensive. Very clean and posh resort island with a very high service level.

Super League Triathlon could have not picked a better spot to launch the race than this island. Absolutely picture perfect back drop to show the world the new triathlon league.

I got to the island on Thursday, a day before the race, after a long long travel from Dubai and was very tired, jet lagged as hell. But the anticipation for the launch on Friday kept me awake pretty much all night. I must admit i was very nervous and anxious to see how the product would come out and look live and on TV and what everyone would think about it.

On Thursday, i attended a function with the whole SLT gang and the vibe was really good from the get go. Great energy. Before the function i checked out all the courses. All of it in close proximity of each other, tight turns, tight lines, hardcore racing ahead of us.

Then Friday afternoon came. 1630 local time. Gun start. SLT was born. Riveting action from the start for the first day format, triple mix. it was 3 x 300m swim, 6k bike, 2k run with a 10min break between each leg. totally crazy hard on the system. i have never seen so much pain on faces of athletes than during that format. Also Hammo’s heat and humidity might have had something to do with it. Murray prevailed in front of Birthwhistle. These young aussie kids Birthwhistle, Bailie, Fisher were super impressive.

Second day had the equalizer on the program as a race format: very interesting also. the day started with an individual 6k time trial that set the pace and the chasing order for the afternoons race that started at 1630 with a 300m swim 2k run 300m swim 6k bike 2k run. absolutely balls to the wall here as well. Cam Dye had the top time of the tt in the morning, so he went off first and the others chased him and Richard Murray from South Africa prevailed again here. He looked totally in control the whole weekend.

The final day was to bring major drama. An absolute super tropical rainstorm hit the island over night and there was a lot of water on the course and the rain continued throughout the day. But as God wanted it to be, the clouds cleared and made way for the super dramatic final with the Eliminator format. That meant with every leg, the last 5 finishing competitors would be eliminated and could not go on. So much drama. So much entertainment. In the end, for the day, Birthwhistle prevailed in an absolutely nailbiter of a finish against Mola and Murray. Murray got the whole pot for 100k USD Mola second and Birthwhistle third.

I m not going to lie to you, so far in my career watching a triathlon was never much fun. I mean you popped out after 10 minutes because you know the outcome, even in the ITU. The SLT is different. It is riveting. symetric. compact. consistent.the production for TV really shows the faces of each athlete up close. The uniform look is great and keeps the package very telegenic and organised. All shapes, banners, barriers are standardized uniform. Normally triathlon broadcast is crap, but this is another level. the SLT looks like a real sporting league as the F1 or the NFL. I think triathlon’s top performers and their athletic capabilities deserve a better looking production, as triathlon has become mainstream. The SLT has realized that: It puts the athletes performance, and not the event, in the spotlight. It is real sports entertainment and the athletes and their stories are the center of attention.

During the whole weekend, there wasn’t truly a dull moment and i was fully consumed by it as a high level competitor as well as a true fan and student of the sport. Met a lot of cool people and we shared great stories and laughter over a few good glasses of our fine champagne, Alice Hartmann.

Also i realised that a lot of the triathletes in the Middle East also followed the live broadcast, shared the social media and enjoyed this great new movement in triathlon. Thank you for that. awesome of you.

booyah and i will keep you posted. goin swimming now. no jetlag for this guy.

Sam Rothstein







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The sprinting Ironman

Yo, another UAE season comes to an end. Since January, i am back in the age group and my love for competitive high performance triathlon is a strong as ever. I have done a couple of changes to my nutrition and nutritional habits which in term have boosted my power to weight ratio which subsequently makes you faster at the end of the day. But most importantly, i still have the same vigour and fun, passion, drive than i always had for triathlon. I still smile about that because that is what its all about: fun.

Result wise, with the exception for Bahrain 70.3, where i did not deliver a top performance, just a mediocre one, i had a good season where i improved again over the years before and it also marked a return to the short course. I was very worried about that because i was not sure how i would perform, but to my surprise i still have some speed.

I had podium performances at Ironman distance ( 2nd in Slovakia ), win in Olympic distance in Doha, sprint distance wins, and 2 x 70.3 wins at IM Dubai and ITU Abu Dhabi, where i repeated my win from 2016, which is special. that what i want to be: a versatile triathlete, who is competitive on every distance. with the amount and the way of my training plus the results i achieved, i look forward to the other races i have planned this season. but i still need to improve.

Speaking of the race yesterday, a couple of things came together: wetsuit swim which i do not overheat in anymore, an improved power to weight ratio on the bike which improves performance and lighter weight during the run, which i had an reasonably good one yesterday. I am happy for the result, and also congrats to everyone else who did the race yesterday. i loved the bike course, that was cool. fast and twisty, very grippy on the f1 course. well done ITU. two thumbs up.

Now its the last prep for South Africa IM beginning of April. that’s gonna be cool and i look forward to see some of you there as well. its gonna be a cracker.

good luck and see you there.

Frank Lucas

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The change

Yo, a lot people have been asking me: yo, why have you lost so much weight? like i am Kim Kardashian or some shit.

well, i have not lost any weight, i have reduced the amount of muscles in my body to make myself more nimble on the middle and longer distances, especially in hot weather.

but it was not my intention to do that. it just came. the real reason behind this is the fact, that since i was a child i always used to eat waaaaaay to fast waaaaaaay to much. and i kept going with that until 2.5 months ago when i decided to change the habit of eating fast.

you see, when you re eating fast, your stomach cannot grasp what is coming in and gauge to tell you when it has had enough and also it is not able to extract the nutrients so well from the food.

when you eat slow, then your portions will automatically become smaller because your body is able to tell when it has had enough. the nutrients are extracted optimally.

i have realized that being 42 and a high performance athlete training a fuckload i do not need that much food anymore. my system is very efficient. plus my doctor has told that for guys over 35, 40 beer does not make sense as it has to much liquid and is too caloric.

i am very satisfied that i have made this change and was able to correct this lifelong mistake. it is such a relief to be able to overcome a hurdle that you struggled with for such a long time. i wish everybody that they face and address their own hurdles and overcome them.

as a nice side effect it has made my swim, bike, and run faster. in very hard circumstances in Yas, i was able to go faster than 2 years ago and that is testament to the fact, that you can always improve and race and compete with the specialists on that distance.

i wish you the same kind of change.


Charles Manson

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Yas, sir, we can.

Yo, its been quite a busy 2 months for me triathlon wise and also otherwise. The UAE season has been in full swing and i made the most of it.

Since the beginning of January, i have been back to the age group bracket. In my mind, though, it does not make any difference, because first of all i am a triathlete and thats what counts, regardless of the start group you are in. It is the amount, precision and pureness of the dedication and the sacrifice that you put in that defines the outcome.

So far the results have been good. only wins all the way through january including the Ironman 70.3 Dubai.

Last weekend was TriYas, one of my favourite stops of the season. so far, from a race experience point of view, the best yet. They have made improvements in all the right spots. Big up and thumbs up to Kahn, Nick and the crew. Weatherwise, we were not so lucky, but hey, you can’t control that. High winds, Shamal, and a light layer of dust in the air made it a tough one out there. Very similar to 2015.

Racewise, it was very fair. This year we had 20m draft distance and that makes it a fair, individual race and thats how non drafting has to be. The referees and marshals were very visible and enforced.

after the race the chill out area was a great idea with all the food trucks and stuff. made for a good athmosphere and was well received by everyone i think.

Racewise, as said already it was a tough one. the wind was blowing in the face for the 2 main straits and that makes the bike times slower than normal. The wind whipped up the water quite good and the current as well. cold i must say. someone with low body fat like myself needs quite a bit of time to warm up in the water lol.

the field we had assembled this year was good stuff. Ruedi as podium guy from 70.3 worlds and Patrick as podium from Kona IM worlds are the benchmark, that we middle East guys want to measure us upon. From here, Abdullah al Attiyah from Bahrain, Jamie Price from Bahrain, Filipe Azavedo, Ryan Christian, Ben Parnell, Jordan Janszen, and Samuel O Shea plus me from the UAE and Aday Alvarez from Qatar made up the elite field. unfortunately, Luke Mathews could not be part of it. get well soon dude.

The swim was cold and i felt really cold in the water and therefore could not really accelerate that well at the start feeling a bit stiff. came out last in the swim lol but hey no excuses, thats the way it is. some circumstances suit me better than others. once on the bike i felt warm and let out the fury of hell and rode all the way through the field. came off the bike in good shape and unleashed another belter on the run and took up a couple of more positions and in the end settled for 4th.

all the others did really well. Patrick and Ruedi strong from the front, Patrick having a great day in tough conditions, Ruedi not having the best of days on the run. Filipe did really well, he develops nicely and impresses me. Ryan Christian, strong as always in a heavy IM training block. Jamie Price, the boy is good. Abdullah al Attiyah vastly improving his performance from last year. Ben Parnell holding his own out there in his first pro outing with strong swim and bike. Sam O Shea unfortunately flatted and DNF. Jordan strong as well but stomach issues on the run. ” Guest starring ” with a 1:58 was good old Andy Mac, dude, where have you been, albeit it has to be said, the AG field could wear wetsuits.

Honestly, to see all of our guys doing so well in their own right against 2 top guys in the world, that is a massive boost and a source of inspiration for me and for all of us. There is a great competitive but fair spirit in the Middle East for performance triathlon. Let yourself inspire by it too!

One more stop and than it is a wrap.

take care and see you out there.

Ted Bundy

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Yo, whatz hattnin? all good here. very provocative title today. and indeed, the content is not any less provocative.

before we start, i would like to point out on a personal note that neither Wolfi Hohmann, the regional Cervelo distributor nor Cervelo or anybody has paid me anything to write this. i am a normal regular retail just like everybody else.

Yes, i got the P5X. wow, it is an ugly bitch. not a thing of beauty. ugly is exactly the right word. i would describe the P5X as follows:

Imagine, you re a single guy and you are in the mood of chasing a bit of tail. so you call a couple of friends, dress ok, nice shirt with all the hamburger meat hangin out, ya know, suave and shit. arriving at the bar, it is full of potential, bra: it is like a hoasis, bra, ya got a pen? you take a beer to start of and then scope out the girls and then you get more drunk, you take shots, you get sloppy and shit. then the night goes by and at the end when the bar closes, you realise all the hot shots are gone. Damn. so you scope out whats left: not so pretty ones. But you want to get laid. so you hit on them, and yeah, then they go along with you. you think to yourself, ok might not be the hottest but hey whatever everyone has to take one for the team every once in a while.

so you take her home, courtin and shit, you ask hey you want a glass of red wine and shit, you whisper sweet shit in the ear and shit, and then you get down to business.

Very very much to your surprise, the ugly girl from the bar is a much better shag than you had in a long time like all the other pretty girls. She really does you well and you have a lot of fun great feel super moves direct contact, all the right moves in all the right places.

in the morning you wake up, hungover, and there she lies next to you: still as ugly as she was the night before when you picked her up in a bar.

and that is that, as they say. The P5X is a surprise, and a good one. the most comfy aerobike i have ever ridden. the second ride i did on was a 3h base pace ride not more than 180w and i did not have to break the aero position once. it stays straight in a very stiff wind as last Saturday in the JLL sprint 30 35k wind. btw, had the best bike time. with the disc brakes you can break waaaaaay later because they are like motorcycle brakes. ample storage room if needed. a real tt bike for triathlon and for nothing else. very very very stiff. great direct steering. Best bike i ever had without realizing it.

you know how the saying goes: never judge the book by its cover. i can empathize with that, you know. hahahahaha. lol 😉

go and check it out, get P5sexed.

peace out

Jeffrey Dahmer

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A new chapter

Yo, its been a while. After IM Barcelona i took 2 weeks off and after that i had a bit of a niggle in my right calf, unfortunately had to skip DIT which still pisses me off. I got back to action in Bahrain 70.3 last weekend. Wow, what a race, so windy and very very challenging conditions to say the least. I mean, i m a pretty solid guy and i got almost blown off the bike. The wind never really helped unfortunately. had a so so race, bad swim, got knocked in the head and honestly couldn’t really cope that well with the conditions, so i had to let the pack go. Solo race from there on out but a good bike and a good run gave a me top 20 finish. But as said, not really happy with how that went.

Also Bahrain 70.3 was my last race as a pro. The reason for leaving the pro circuit under the Ironman Brand is the fact, and i am really honest with myself here, i have absolutely no shot to qualify for Kona as a pro. That qualification is so tough, it makes the purgatory look like a walk in the park. If you really look at the reality, there are a couple of other factors that play into this as well: in order to be really good, i would have to focus all my time towards triathlon and not work anymore, but i don’t want to do that. secondly, i don’t have the swim to be in the front pack, and the way the race dynamic is nowadays in IM and 70.3 pro racing and its basically draft legal riding, is have no chance to get anything done, because the WTC only values participation and not performance in the pro and the AG field alike. Barely no supervision of rules or implementation of any kind. Everyone in the field is basically left to their own device. That cannot work. But i mean, hey, i am happy with the results i had as a pro: half a dozen wins, good times and met great people for the most part. super racing occasionally. To qualify for Kona as a pro you either have to be in the top 15 the year beforehand, or you have to be basically top 35 in the KPR and i am quite away from that.

I have 3 goals left in triathlon: i want do well in Kona, now again as an age grouper, i want to win an overall IM distance race and improve once more on my fastest IM time ( 8:17:00 ) to try to get closer to the ominous 8h mark. After i have done that, i will sail off into the sunset.

For me personally, i never really made a difference between pro ranks or AG anyway. I am a triathlete and i love the sport. Time to get a new chapter going to follow my remaining goals in the sport.

next race for me will be 70.3 Dubai, home race. gosh, can’t wait for it. see you out there.


Nicky Santoro





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The Gap

Yo, yep, it has been a while hence The Gap. Doesn’t mean i wasn’t busy. in contrary, very busy indeed on and off the track. After Ironman in Slovakia i took a week off and got right back in it to focus on the rest of the European Season, concluding with Eislek Triathlon ( half ) and IM Barcelona, mid September and beginning of October respectively.

I trained rather well despite the Dubai summer. Focused as always to get better. I love that never ending chase of always trying to get better. It is like fashion, it never ends. My fire is burning. within me there is this constant drive that keeps me going. I do not need anything or anybody else other than my head and whats between the ears. The anger is there. i am a truly angry person, but do not let it get the better of me, i use it for positive good stuff.

right now, there is also Metallica between my ears. Justice for all album, Harvester of Sorrow. last good album before all that classical orchestra fusion crap. My favorite album is Master of Puppets. absolute banger, that one.

Its actually funny, i was thinking today on what i have improved on this year. next to getting better in all 3 disciplines and a better understanding of technique and application of the same, i think my biggest improvement has been the mental and tactical aspect. I am able to see now on what is needed to do my best at every race and be consistent. I think it has a lot do with age as well. very satisfying feeling.

Competition wise, with the last 2 comps i was able to cap off a good european season. The Eislek triathlon was the first of the last two. Eislek is the northernmost region in Luxembourg, where my mom is from. Very, very hilly rural roads with lots of narrow villages strewn along the way. lots of forests and open fields. very beautiful area of Luxembourg. The Eislek is maybe known to foreigners as the background for the Battle of the Bulge in WW2. Thats where the Germans basically had their last offensive, when General von Rundstedt threw all the Panzerdivisions he had left against the Americans and drove them back into Belgium. It was the winter of 1944 1945 and it took the Americans by surprise and they needed a couple of months to regain the ground and finally win the war in May 1945.

The triathlon was also a battle in itself. The race was over the Half ironman distance and organised by Marc Walch, who runs several races in Luxembourg. The bike course had nearly 1700m of climbing over 90k and made Wiesbaden look like a fucking birthday party. the run had ca. 300m  of climbing over 21.1k. great race well organised. The bike course was either climbing or descending with no real rest. not my speciality but i still managed to pull off one of the best bike times. same with the run. actually this race might be one of my best performances, because it is soooooooo far out of my comfort zone, but i still managed to prevail and get 3rd in the end behind 2 Belgians who are well versed in riding these hills.

on a personal note, i was really proud to be on the podium and think of my mum.

when i got back to Dubai, i was almost again straight away on the go for Ironman Barcelona. That race is actually known to be a wheelsucking race, but not anymore that much i can tell you. They build in a hill that was really long and took a substantial effort to get up twice. it really pulled the field apart quite a bit. total climbing over 180k was 1200m. basically like Roth.

In this instant, i would like to thank the Spanish triathlon federation. the professional race was fair. Each bike ” group ” had a dedicated referee that was with the group for most of the bike ride. A couple of the ” fast ” age groupers had an actual ” coffee ride ” with not more than 2m between them. part of that group was also the pro women race. The 4 or 5 amateurs who were faster than myself inclusive of the top pro lady, did not follow the rules and cheated. You can tell by the times: over an hour with the wetsuit, ” super ” bike ride close to 4:30:00, then fading away on the run. same with the ladies. I am not just  saying that, i saw with my own eyes, but i did not really bother me. i focused on my race. I can look in the mirror and be happy with myself.

Patrik Nilson had a 7:55:00 on that course. what a ham. absolutely cracking that.

There were also a couple of russian/ukrainian dopers in the field, Tutukin and Sapunov. Fuck you cunts.

for me in the end, i got 22 out of 60plus pros. with 8:56:00, considering it was a non wetsuit swim and a quite windy bike ride, i am happy with that. still room to improve though.

that concludes the european season and now i look forward to the UAE season which is kicking off very soon.

i wish all the best for that and good luck with the races.

peace out. Yours truly.

Nicky Santoro





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