Dubai is home sweet home

Yo, i am back now since 2 weeks and i feel great. i have really missed Dubai after being in Europe to train for the 2 IM comps in Slovakia and Podersdorf. Surely, Switzerland has its natural beauty and has stunning landscapes. But in Dubai is where my heart is. My wife is here. My Dad also lives here for the most part. my businesses are here. So naturally it feels close.

When i came back though, the heat was the same than usual. I think that will never go away.

Things have also changed quite drastically here in Dubai. Covid has taken its toll on an already slightly weak consumer appetite, which is indicative of the state of the economy here in Dubai. Also there are barely no tourists, normally Dubai is a hotspot for tourists. Due to COVID and all the testing, people and especially families are naturally put off by the hassle and of course the costs. A lot of people have left Dubai after the summer, especially families, because they wanted their kids to finish the academic year in Dubai before starting somewhere else. Jabal Ali port is down in traffic as well as DXB International airport. Emirates has had to let go a ton of people and have grounded most of their fleet especially the A380. Also going to Abu Dhabi is not so easy anymore as there is a solid border in place between the 2 cities with checks.

But i always see the positives as well. All in all i have seen a lot of people be more mindful of their health and take care of themselves. Generally if you walk thru the supermarket and peek into peoples trolleys there is generally more veg and fruit. So that’s great to see. A lot of people have also taken up cycling and work out more regularly despite the high temps which are still well above 40c and humid on top.

Personally, i have settled in well again. I have enjoyed a lot of time with my wife. I have found a new vigor for my work again and have a new drive towards it. that is very fulfilling. Of course, i have been training as well and the new perspective without the Long Distance aspect to it has let me discover some angles here and there. So happy to see that after all this time, you can still peek out new things or new techniques.

after Ironman, you always have to take care off your body. I am in great hands with a great, strong physio who squeezes me twice on a weekly basis. It feels really good. i do my usual self massage, black roll and of course stretching on a daily basis. Mind good, body good. So far all green, but i do not get ahead of myself, take it one day at a time and take nothing for granted. that is how i keep myself in check.

racing wise, i find it difficult to see what races should go ahead now that the season in Europe is coming to an end and the colder climate moves in. Again, here also i will get ahead of myself. You can’t control it anyway. just keep observing it. You can only control the things which you are in charge of and that is for the most part the training. I will do just that. Keep developing.

so enjoy your training. stay positive. not all is doom and gloom. There is so much color out there to take in.

stay safe. Olivier

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