yo, it s been quite a while since i have blogged. to be honest, i kind of missed it. But i am very tied up with developing a new triathlon series for the region, TriStar, co-owned by Fabian Cancellara, being with my family and of course lots of training. TriStar is in fact not new, but a relaunched series. I think its bike centric format with short swim and run legs really is well suited for the region because cycling is so popular on one hand, and on the other hand it is an easier format to get into for novices. Supersports, which i am partner in, is operating the event, which launches in the UAE on 23.3.2018 and you can register now on

The bike course TriStar is amazing and the triathletes will also be delighted by the host venue, the well known and award winning Le Meridien al Aqah Beach resort.

We look forward to see you there on March 23rd! 🙂

I have changed a couple of things in my life. At almost 43 years old, i have realized that it is not beneficial for me to always behave like a caged animal. So far, i have lived my whole life pretty much having that attitude. Basically since i can remember.  The reasons that turned me into taking on that character trait, are not for public consumption.

But lately i have realized that it hurts the closest people around me that i behave like an animal. That’s when i realized i had to change something. With this behavior, outside of my family, nobody really wants to interact with you because, maybe they don’t know you well and it is not really conducive.

Now, i enjoy behaving like a human being for the first time in my life. I only am an animal when it is required from me: in a triathlon competition. The rest of the time i enjoy displaying normal human behavior. It feels really good and i feel liberated for the first time in my life.

I have not changed because i am now also a partner in SuperSports and i need to promote, market events. No, i have changed because my behavior has become unbearable to myself and my surroundings. It is a maturing of character really.

It gives me new inspiration to live more wholesome, new zest in sports and business and i have reinvented myself again in order to be able to grow mentally further and progress.

I don’t bite. You can talk to me and i will talk to you.

Peace out and enjoy your training

no more mass murderer A.K.A’s, just my name, Oli


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3 Responses to Maturity

  1. mikki says:

    Nice post and sounds like you had a cracking 2018 race season in Dubai, Colombo etc.

    Since you are becoming more integrated into the whole industry, do you any advice for someone who is seeking to move away from their corporate career and into a triathlon-related job (I’m prepared to start at the bottom and work for free to get experience)?

    Cheers … Mikki

    • ogodart says:

      Hi Mikki, thanks for your kind comment and for following the blog. Thanks for the thumbs up re my season, so far 2018 has been good to me and i have added the Challenge “ The Championship “ Samorin, overall amateur title, basically the Challenge World Champs, to my resume. A very nice i must say, one you should do too. As for your seeking of advice, i have never pursued actively anything in the industry. All these opportunities were carried towards me. I basically just tried to make the best out of it. If you want to be credible as a person or triathlete, you have to try to do your best and in my case, you have to win prestigious competitions. That is it. There is no harder currency in the world that credibility. That would be my advice. All the best and good luck, take care and train safe. Rgds Olivier Godart

  2. Johan Moolman says:

    Words spoken like a true champion, salute Oli!!

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