full circle

yo, whats hattnin. hope all good. all is good with me, thats for sure. now there is a full circle: overall wins from sprint distance, olympic, offroad, half, and now with the overall AG win at IMSA in overall AG course record time i have put the last notch in the belt.

But there are still 2 things left to be done, on one hand be the best possible Oli that i can be in Kona and get as close to 8h mark as possible.

With the overall AG win at IMSA, i have qualified for Kona as well, and i really look forward to that. Now i feel i have the confidence to prepare, train and compete toe to toe with the best.

Honestly, i have forgotten about IMSA already. When i sat in the anti doping piss check to give the urine sample 10mins after i finished, i already thought about where i am going to train, who i am going to train with for Kona. no need to rest on past accomplishments.

Having said that, i was so happy that my wife was there and totally enjoyed seeing here being happy for me as well. Lets face it, she has to make huge sacrifices to endure the constant training and competing from my side. I dedicate this win to her as well and love her very much. I wouldn’t be anywhere without her. Her love is a huge motivation for me.

having analyzed the race, i have seen huge fuck ups from my side. I slept through the swim start, the first half of the swim was shit, the second half of the swim was good. The bike was mostly quite good, the last 10k of the bike were not so brilliant. The run was ok, but had some dark side Darth Vader moments between km 26 27 and 31 32, the last 5k of the run were pretty ok. It was pretty hot on the run, 32C with some wind. The bike was not that windy this year only in spots, but the road is so bumpy like there is no tomorrow. I thought the swell in the ocean was quite hard but hey it is a real ocean swim. We fought it out pretty hard between the Norwegian Lars Stormo and the Brazilian Cid Barcelona. We stayed together for the 180k on the bike in a fair, gentleman way. Lars and I did most of the work, Cid mostly spend time at the back, but in a fair way. That is his choice. Ryan Christian was also with us for ca. 60k in the beginning but then fell off. Off the bike, i overtook Lars straightaway and then Cid overtook me and put a gap on me but never more than 30secs. The usual slug begins and then finally at 35k i overtook him shook his hand, wished him good luck and took off. and thats that. i realized at 39k i can run under 3h, and thats why i accelerated one more time to get under the mark. which i fortunately did. crossed the finish line in a new amateur course record time in 8:48:00, which is quite an honour.

back in Dubai and back at the gym yesterday for some light training to get better and plot the next steps. i still feel like a beginner. i know fuck all.

at the awards it was great to see that TriDubai won the TriClub div 1 championship. super stuff, that. Also congrats to my man Andy Mac and Andy Edwards on their Kona slot. you guys are great. fantastic. Triathlon in Dubai is doing well. Congrats to everyone from Dubai and everywhere who finished this brutal test.

peace out.

Bumpy Johnson




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