The sprinting Ironman

Yo, another UAE season comes to an end. Since January, i am back in the age group and my love for competitive high performance triathlon is a strong as ever. I have done a couple of changes to my nutrition and nutritional habits which in term have boosted my power to weight ratio which subsequently makes you faster at the end of the day. But most importantly, i still have the same vigour and fun, passion, drive than i always had for triathlon. I still smile about that because that is what its all about: fun.

Result wise, with the exception for Bahrain 70.3, where i did not deliver a top performance, just a mediocre one, i had a good season where i improved again over the years before and it also marked a return to the short course. I was very worried about that because i was not sure how i would perform, but to my surprise i still have some speed.

I had podium performances at Ironman distance ( 2nd in Slovakia ), win in Olympic distance in Doha, sprint distance wins, and 2 x 70.3 wins at IM Dubai and ITU Abu Dhabi, where i repeated my win from 2016, which is special. that what i want to be: a versatile triathlete, who is competitive on every distance. with the amount and the way of my training plus the results i achieved, i look forward to the other races i have planned this season. but i still need to improve.

Speaking of the race yesterday, a couple of things came together: wetsuit swim which i do not overheat in anymore, an improved power to weight ratio on the bike which improves performance and lighter weight during the run, which i had an reasonably good one yesterday. I am happy for the result, and also congrats to everyone else who did the race yesterday. i loved the bike course, that was cool. fast and twisty, very grippy on the f1 course. well done ITU. two thumbs up.

Now its the last prep for South Africa IM beginning of April. that’s gonna be cool and i look forward to see some of you there as well. its gonna be a cracker.

good luck and see you there.

Frank Lucas

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