Yas, sir, we can.

Yo, its been quite a busy 2 months for me triathlon wise and also otherwise. The UAE season has been in full swing and i made the most of it.

Since the beginning of January, i have been back to the age group bracket. In my mind, though, it does not make any difference, because first of all i am a triathlete and thats what counts, regardless of the start group you are in. It is the amount, precision and pureness of the dedication and the sacrifice that you put in that defines the outcome.

So far the results have been good. only wins all the way through january including the Ironman 70.3 Dubai.

Last weekend was TriYas, one of my favourite stops of the season. so far, from a race experience point of view, the best yet. They have made improvements in all the right spots. Big up and thumbs up to Kahn, Nick and the crew. Weatherwise, we were not so lucky, but hey, you can’t control that. High winds, Shamal, and a light layer of dust in the air made it a tough one out there. Very similar to 2015.

Racewise, it was very fair. This year we had 20m draft distance and that makes it a fair, individual race and thats how non drafting has to be. The referees and marshals were very visible and enforced.

after the race the chill out area was a great idea with all the food trucks and stuff. made for a good athmosphere and was well received by everyone i think.

Racewise, as said already it was a tough one. the wind was blowing in the face for the 2 main straits and that makes the bike times slower than normal. The wind whipped up the water quite good and the current as well. cold i must say. someone with low body fat like myself needs quite a bit of time to warm up in the water lol.

the field we had assembled this year was good stuff. Ruedi as podium guy from 70.3 worlds and Patrick as podium from Kona IM worlds are the benchmark, that we middle East guys want to measure us upon. From here, Abdullah al Attiyah from Bahrain, Jamie Price from Bahrain, Filipe Azavedo, Ryan Christian, Ben Parnell, Jordan Janszen, and Samuel O Shea plus me from the UAE and Aday Alvarez from Qatar made up the elite field. unfortunately, Luke Mathews could not be part of it. get well soon dude.

The swim was cold and i felt really cold in the water and therefore could not really accelerate that well at the start feeling a bit stiff. came out last in the swim lol but hey no excuses, thats the way it is. some circumstances suit me better than others. once on the bike i felt warm and let out the fury of hell and rode all the way through the field. came off the bike in good shape and unleashed another belter on the run and took up a couple of more positions and in the end settled for 4th.

all the others did really well. Patrick and Ruedi strong from the front, Patrick having a great day in tough conditions, Ruedi not having the best of days on the run. Filipe did really well, he develops nicely and impresses me. Ryan Christian, strong as always in a heavy IM training block. Jamie Price, the boy is good. Abdullah al Attiyah vastly improving his performance from last year. Ben Parnell holding his own out there in his first pro outing with strong swim and bike. Sam O Shea unfortunately flatted and DNF. Jordan strong as well but stomach issues on the run. ” Guest starring ” with a 1:58 was good old Andy Mac, dude, where have you been, albeit it has to be said, the AG field could wear wetsuits.

Honestly, to see all of our guys doing so well in their own right against 2 top guys in the world, that is a massive boost and a source of inspiration for me and for all of us. There is a great competitive but fair spirit in the Middle East for performance triathlon. Let yourself inspire by it too!

One more stop and than it is a wrap.

take care and see you out there.

Ted Bundy

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