The change

Yo, a lot people have been asking me: yo, why have you lost so much weight? like i am Kim Kardashian or some shit.

well, i have not lost any weight, i have reduced the amount of muscles in my body to make myself more nimble on the middle and longer distances, especially in hot weather.

but it was not my intention to do that. it just came. the real reason behind this is the fact, that since i was a child i always used to eat waaaaaay to fast waaaaaaay to much. and i kept going with that until 2.5 months ago when i decided to change the habit of eating fast.

you see, when you re eating fast, your stomach cannot grasp what is coming in and gauge to tell you when it has had enough and also it is not able to extract the nutrients so well from the food.

when you eat slow, then your portions will automatically become smaller because your body is able to tell when it has had enough. the nutrients are extracted optimally.

i have realized that being 42 and a high performance athlete training a fuckload i do not need that much food anymore. my system is very efficient. plus my doctor has told that for guys over 35, 40 beer does not make sense as it has to much liquid and is too caloric.

i am very satisfied that i have made this change and was able to correct this lifelong mistake. it is such a relief to be able to overcome a hurdle that you struggled with for such a long time. i wish everybody that they face and address their own hurdles and overcome them.

as a nice side effect it has made my swim, bike, and run faster. in very hard circumstances in Yas, i was able to go faster than 2 years ago and that is testament to the fact, that you can always improve and race and compete with the specialists on that distance.

i wish you the same kind of change.


Charles Manson

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