Yo, whatz hattnin? all good here. very provocative title today. and indeed, the content is not any less provocative.

before we start, i would like to point out on a personal note that neither Wolfi Hohmann, the regional Cervelo distributor nor Cervelo or anybody has paid me anything to write this. i am a normal regular retail just like everybody else.

Yes, i got the P5X. wow, it is an ugly bitch. not a thing of beauty. ugly is exactly the right word. i would describe the P5X as follows:

Imagine, you re a single guy and you are in the mood of chasing a bit of tail. so you call a couple of friends, dress ok, nice shirt with all the hamburger meat hangin out, ya know, suave and shit. arriving at the bar, it is full of potential, bra: it is like a hoasis, bra, ya got a pen? you take a beer to start of and then scope out the girls and then you get more drunk, you take shots, you get sloppy and shit. then the night goes by and at the end when the bar closes, you realise all the hot shots are gone. Damn. so you scope out whats left: not so pretty ones. But you want to get laid. so you hit on them, and yeah, then they go along with you. you think to yourself, ok might not be the hottest but hey whatever everyone has to take one for the team every once in a while.

so you take her home, courtin and shit, you ask hey you want a glass of red wine and shit, you whisper sweet shit in the ear and shit, and then you get down to business.

Very very much to your surprise, the ugly girl from the bar is a much better shag than you had in a long time like all the other pretty girls. She really does you well and you have a lot of fun great feel super moves direct contact, all the right moves in all the right places.

in the morning you wake up, hungover, and there she lies next to you: still as ugly as she was the night before when you picked her up in a bar.

and that is that, as they say. The P5X is a surprise, and a good one. the most comfy aerobike i have ever ridden. the second ride i did on was a 3h base pace ride not more than 180w and i did not have to break the aero position once. it stays straight in a very stiff wind as last Saturday in the JLL sprint 30 35k wind. btw, had the best bike time. with the disc brakes you can break waaaaaay later because they are like motorcycle brakes. ample storage room if needed. a real tt bike for triathlon and for nothing else. very very very stiff. great direct steering. Best bike i ever had without realizing it.

you know how the saying goes: never judge the book by its cover. i can empathize with that, you know. hahahahaha. lol 😉

go and check it out, get P5sexed.

peace out

Jeffrey Dahmer

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