Double header

Yo, just got back to the sand pit from a double header in Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. First things first, Prague 70.3 aka Triprague aka Czech Middle Distance Championships was up. Cracking line up, Filip Ospaly and all other guys in top shape to fight it out for the Champs. They all looked in pretty good shape too and you could tell everyone was taking the race seriously. I started off well and my improved swimming has lead only to 1min deficit out of the water to former ITU style swimmers like Ospaly and Renc. On the bike, i controlled the output and did a smart tactical race. Got off the bike in 4th and still only 1min back from the lead, biked together with Tomas Sokoup and Pavel Petrasek and the Italian Pasqualini, we were committed to chase down the front 3 guys which did not look too fresh, which we did. cruised along in the lead and was ready to strike. Then disaster struck. By my own mistake i mixed my own gels with coke from the course. No good. too much sugar in the stomach, blocked, not flowing through anymore, resulting in cramps. That was the end of it. I struggled through the rest and ended up 10th. Lesson learned.

My inlaws had good words for me and encouraged me that up to 12k until the disaster happened i actually looked really good and performed on top. so that was encouraging. anyway, i never really think about good and bad results and wipe myself off ca. 20seconds after every race. There is no point in feeling low or high about a good or a bad experience.

i trained a bit for the remainder of the week to get ready for my next race which was Slovakman aka Slovak Long Distance championships in Piestany just north of Bratislava. nice little town. Again same as in Prague, good deep field and the race is part of the Czech Tri Series which is like a Premier League for triathlon but not only distance but all distances. the races are well organised and the level is good. hard and fair racing. Some good long distance guys from both Czech and Slovakia were there, especially Jan Oppolzer. he is something special. very talented.

the night before the race it rained really hard and put part of transition under water, but the organisers did a great job in drying it up, which they managed to do. A little rain in the race morning, and off we went. i was 10sec off the lead, and managed to swim just a tad over 49mins, 49:07. Coming off the swim in the lead gives you more of an overview on the bike, and it took the chasers ca. 110km to reel Lukas Stalinsky and myself in. then David Jilek, Jan Oppolzer, Lukas and i continued to ride together for 40km and then Jan made a move. i wanted to conserve my energy for the run so i decided not to go with him. The bike was very very wind ca. 30km winds because of the bad weather the night before, so UAE style so to speak, and therefore you have to be careful how you spend your energy. The bike course was a bit longer ca 2.5k and i got off in 4:47 and felt fresh and good from the go. The run was hard because the mentioned wind as well, but also it was quite a tricky course with lots turns and twists with some offroad paths as well.

Well, Jan had a special day on the run, running 2:53:00 on that course is nothing short of amazing. I still took ca. 30sek off him on the first lap but then he kept the gap consistent and grew it in the end. I finished the run in 3:04:00 and got 2nd place behind Jan Oppolzer and third place went to Jan Holub, the Slovak Champ, who had a good run to overtake David Jilek. in the end, i had 8:43:00 and considering the conditions i am happy with that.

Afterwards we had some nice beers and enjoyed a good evening out. Big thanks to my wife Petra, my dad, my inlaws, and Lenka for cheering me on and supporting me. thanks to Lubos as well.

Now i am back here in Dubaiski enjoying the heat and getting ready for my next events. Booyah. touchdown. always remember, the left side is the Crip side.

O Dawg from the Crenshaw Boulevard Mafia


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