Sal T nuts

Sal T nuts

Yo, Ladies and Gentlemen, let me present to you the newest, hottest boyband from the Middle East: Sal T nuts. We are the new sensation as we make 1Direction look like a bunch of grannies.
The band consists of Sam O’Shea, Abdullah al Attiyah, Eric Watson and Olivier Godart. Sam and Abdullah are the shy ones, Eric is the ladykiller, and I am the experienced connoisseur. all bases are covered.
We ll go in the studio right after we recovered from the Abu Dhabi ITU gig we had yesterday. The gig was draining as it was extremely hot at times and all the girls were so stage 5 clinger that we needed an army of bodyguards to keep them away from us.
We tried to cool a bit from the hot action, but unfortunately there were only a few aid stations in between serving Red Bull and some ice. Midway through the last part of the gig performing our last couple of songs, the Red Bull got on our nerves just a little bit.
As said the girls were super stage 5 clinger, and we would like to thank our trusted body guards from Race ME, the team around Christian, Paul, Andy and Laura and everyone else who take care, operate, encourage, protect all aspects of all our gigs and all of us want to thank them big time for that.
Without their involvement, gigs like the one in Abu Dhabi yesterday would not be possible.
As for my own singing yesterday, it is in my South Africa gig prep, and therefore I wasn’t too tapered. I sang pretty much through from the last gig. the first song solid but a bit too warm to sing in a wetsuit, strong in the second song and the third song was strong too but due to lack of cooling down slowed down in the last 3-4 verses. In the end, another W in the column for me.
As said, we ll go back to the studio and record some more belters like ” I wanna get salty with you ” and ” Salty feelings ” , a remix of our smash hit ” S.A.L.T.Y “. But I don’t wanna say too much, there have to be surprises.
The picture in the post will also be our new album cover, where we do what we do best: holding on to our nuts.

peace out

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