TriYas or the life of Andreas Buergi

Yo, whats hattnin. hope all good with all of youse. I was just thinking back about Triyas like I do every year. It just motivates me so much just by thinking about it, competing with all the other triathletes and how well we all did. Ok, some better than others. The sport has come a good way in a relatively short amount of time and at least I see that for myself every year at Triyas.
Don’t you have that feeling as well about some places you just feel naturally comfortable every time you go there? For me that is the case with Yas, it is a bit like a triathlon living room for me. Similar to what Boris Becker said about Wimbledon: he said he always felt at home there. same with me, it is an honour and a privilege for me to race at Triyas every year.
I always want to do my best there. This year I guess I wanted it a bit too well lol, and overdid a bit on caffeine which caused stomach issues, and after a great swim and bike I was in great striking position, but had to relinquish the 5th spot after ca. 4k on the run after stepping aside for some business and then again at 6k.
But that’s ok. That’s sports. sometimes you win, sometimes, you lose. but you always learn from it. The field this year, everyone from the pro field was really in it to win it. made for very dense racing, which I love. lots of jostling around. was so much fun. really enjoyed it. one mistake, bum, and you re gone. That’s how close the sport is. I love and am honoured to race against all the guys. and then have a beer afterwards together. Beat the heads in, then shake hands. that’s the way it is supposed to be.
something on a more serious note: still there is no active triathlon federation in the UAE. we cannot build a house without a foundation. It is great that some many people love and pursue it, but the government also has to do their part in structuring a mass sport that is triathlon in the UAE. Furthermore, for who is a potential Emirati pro triathlete racing for in the future? That an Emirati in the near to mid future will step up to pro ranks is inevitable. His country has then to be there for him.
for me the coolest about triyas is that everybody races together: world class, other European top athletes, regional Middle East top guys, plus now juniors as well. I always like that because you are very honestly shown how good you are and how you measure up against them. I think it helps local and regional triathlon as well to step up and improve. That’s the great thing about it and it just bring everyone together.
Andreas Buergi was the running gag of the weekend. He is normal dude from Switzerland being himself. Very funny but very sad at the same time. every time I thought about it it kept me loose and that’s the main bit.

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