Dubai International Triathlon 70.3

Yo, whats hattnin, 2nd edition of Dubai 70.3 the original one in the Middle East, was held yesterday at the same time than the 35th International Weather and Nautical Gods Convention. Yes, you heard it right, no proper triathlon in Dubai without crazy winds and a swell that would make Patrick Swayze of Point Break blush. But hey that is triathlon, it is an outdoor sport. You have to be able to handle the elements otherwise you can sign up for a knitting competition.

But nothing that the Race ME crew around Andy Fordham couldn’t handle. Top organisation with split transitions at JBR and at Bab al Shams. crosstown traffic management on a Saturday morning across Sheikh Zayed road, Al Khail road and 611 in association with the lovely fellas at Dubai Police and the RTA. totally safe bike course. I never looked felt threatened. that is really impressive.

great swim course with a hefty swell and current at Dubai Eye. great bike course from JBR to Bab al Shams with fair riding and a race marshall on a Harley Chopper with a ton of authority. If he ever wants to join the Hells Angels Switzerland chapter, I can hook him up. wildfloweresque half offroad half tarmac run at Dubai Endurance Village. Enjoyed every bit of it.

Enough talk. Now to the important bit:

Big thank you to Petra, I love you. my dad. Lubos Bilek for keeping me in shape. all the folks at Race ME, Andy Fordham, Paul Venn, Chris Berglehner and Laura, David Labooooosh and Caroline, Jacqui and all other volunteers. Thanks to Meydan for letting us in at Dubai endurance village. all the police and RTA guys, good stuff. The sponsors who make this possible and also the media coverage. Also big thanks to Zeus, Neptune, Mercure and all the weathermen and women in the world.

also well done and congrats  to Till Schramm Eric Watson and Ryan Christian for fighting it out. I was the lucky one coming out on top. Congrats to all the other competitors for finishing such a tough race in such tough conditions.

look forward to the next one. 🙂

peace out


O Dawg

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