Yo, this has nothing to do with the (in)famous rap group N.W.A from the eighties, and I m not thinking about going into the rap business. Although I am bit tempted, when I hear Drake’s new shit. Dude’s got it locked down so cold. really motivates the hell out of me. Honestly, dunno what he wants to do with Serena Williams?? the two don’t fit together at all.

anyway, back to the topic. B.W.A. means butt with attitude. yeah, that’s right I am trying to teach my butt to be intelligent. To think for me basically. but not limited at that, I want my butt to reason for me. in order for your butt to progress you have to teach it on a daily basis. otherwise it don’t make sense at all.

One day, driving, I realized that human movement is controlled by the muscles in and around the butt to a large extent. you can feel a lot of things with it, too. So I thought to myself: if I train it specifically, then it should help me to perform better?

if I can judge it by last weekend’s performance, yeah, I can say then I am on the right track. btw, last weekend nice, well organised Xterra event in Kalba by the kind folks at UrbanUltra.

holla at cha boy.

O dawg 🙂

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1 Response to B.W.A

  1. Aidaros says:

    So this is what you do everyday with the Swiss ball against the wall?!! I keep trying to figure out what the hell is that. .. very very interesting!

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