70.3 Vietnam

yo, just got back from 70.3 Vietnam. got 8th place. quite happy with that. but i am honest with myself, i need to make certain improvements. absolutely super duper race and great organisation by the Sunrise Events Ironman crew from the Philippines. they did a great job for a first year race.

the place itself, Danang, is beautiful. It is located in the middle of Vietnam close to the old emperor’s town, Hue. Vietnamese culture is awesome and very hospitable. They know how to cook thats for sure. beautiful area too.

the race itself was going to be tough, hot and humid from the get go. i felt good during the swim, conserving energy always in the back of your mind. the bike part was just blistering hot with very little wind to cool you down, but somewhere in the race you always have to lay your cards down. i thought the bike part was the area where you could push it to put yourself in position, i did that.

on the run everybody just died. james had the only sub 1:20 time, the rest of us was closer to or slightly over 1:30. that s how hot it was, no wind to cool you down on the run. heat just slows everyone down by a big chunk of time. in these moments, you have to know how to fight and persevere.

next for me is luxembourg 70.3.

peace out.

O dawg

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