Challenge Bahrain: a bouquet of impressions

ManamaChallenge Bahrain bike course

the course led over the whole island pretty much. swimming in Bahrain Bay in the north of the island in the capital Al Manama, cycling in a southbound loop to the F1 BIC track in Sakhir. Then a run to the adjacent al Areen Wildlife park. instant classic, homey. On the left side is a picture of Bahrain trade centre.

male pro start list

I wasn’t supposed to beat a lot people on this list, but managed to be quite a few in the end.

pro swim start

the men pro swim start next to the new Four Seasons hotel. cool building.

me run

at the finish, totally ” finished “.

Sakhir F1 track

to top of bike leg, we had to complete a lap on the BIC F1 course before heading out on the run.

Challenge Bahrain run

the run leg was held entirely on a twisty slightly wavy course entirely through the Al Areen wildlife park. totally cool because the animals in there run around freely….just ask Jodie Swallow….she almost got run over by huge ostrich. they had camels in there, zebras, horses, etc. really cool and something different.

Sheikh Nasser racing

HH Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad al Khalifa really delivered a great race as well with 4:21:00. congrats to Him and the rest of the Bahrain team.

Oli Bahrain bike

I had a great race. good swim, steady bike and consistently fast on the run. no complaints, but as mentioned I see areas where I can still improve big time.

hope you enjoy this bouquet. see you out there next year. 🙂

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