Game changer

Yo. one yo won’t do it. all the Yo’s in the world won’t do it. As the title says, we witnessed a game changer this weekend in Bahrain. It was a homerun on every level.

Let me recap:

1. hospitality offered to us by HH Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad al Khalifa

I have been living in the Middle East for the past 10 years and hospitality towards guests is very important and an integral part of the culture. Challenge Bahrain was a prime example on how Bahrainis treat guests. Absolutely splendid.

2. organisation

the team around H.E Dr. Saqer al Khalifa did a fantastic job. It takes a lot to pull something off perfectly and they did that. congratulations to everyone. well done.

3. super deep Pro field men and women

To gather a pro field like this in beginning of December, that’s impressive. a huge price purse helps.

4. race courses

the courses were iconic and reflected iconic places in Bahrain. swimming in Bahrain Bay admits the new sky scrapers, cycling one loop on the highway to BIC F1, one loop on the F1 course, running through Al Areen Wildlife park, finish at the BIC F1. instant classic. point to point courses do work.

5. after party

normally everybody leaves the tent about half a second after the trophies have been handed out. not this time. Dire Straits, Akon and others kept the place rockin.

6. the Midde East triple crown

3 Challenge races over the Middle East in Dubai in Feb, Oman ( date tbc ), Bahrain in Dec. 1.000.000 USD price purse. great opportunities to deliver great performances.

7. Challenge Family

smart move, guys, smart move.

8. the 20m draft rule

works really well. it puts the non drafting back in non drafting triathlon. made for fair racing except for ” defo super close contact ” from a usual suspect from Germany now living in Dubai, who comes with a heavy backpack in that department.

As for myself, I had a great race. worked out well for me. slept through the swim start a bit, had a controlled steady bike with consistent aerodynamics, good run with good technique. my best so far, but I see much potential in certain areas.

this triathlon felt like my first business trip to Africa: scared, excited, happy at the same time, well prepared. I feel proud to be part of stuff like this. so enthusiastic.

I will make a separate post with thank you’s.

peace out

O dawg 🙂

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