all i know: equipment

I said it before and I ll say it again: its not the arrow, its the indian. without the indian, the arrow ain’t goin anywhere.

that being said, I m just a guy too: sometimes, I want to have some toys as well.

do not become the slave of your own devices. keep the number of toys to a minimum. the only real ” device ” I got is a powermeter. That’s it.

train with the equipment that you are racing with. you have to become one with the weapon.

if I like a piece of equipment, I ll stick with that over and over again and replace it with the same, when worn out.

if I invest in equipment, I want the best shit money can buy.

I don’t follow advertisements. If I don’t think that the product rocks, then I ain’t gonna use it. don’t matter to me what Craig Alexander says about the product. of course, I have nothing against Craig Alexander personally, he is awesome.

no matter what the sales person says, equipment don’t make you better. at best it has a supporting role. Proper training makes you better.

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