all i know: recovery

recovery is the most underrated discipline in triathlon.

the older you get, the more recovery you need.

I don’t need more training, I need more recovery.

if I could, I would sleep in ice.

the week has 7 days. I train 6 days. 1 day is dedicated to complete recovery. I have between 2 – 4 training sessions per day. every day in the evening, I do specific recovery in form of stretching, dynamic and static, foam roller, roller ball pin pointing certain areas, wearing compression socks, put the legs up. lemme tell you, it really made a difference.

sleep. sleep. sleep. wherever possible.

adequate recovery after competitions is crucial to let the joints and muscles rest and regroup.

there is one very big disadvantage for triathletes from the Middle East. The long air travel to anywhere. These flights are tough and one has to recover from them specifically. personally I felt that in that 70.3 Mt. Tremblant thing. took me some time to get used to it and to get into the swing of things.

always leave adequate time between training sessions, unless it is a brick session of course.

lately I also found out the hard way that psychological challenges can have an effect on your body performance and impair your recovery. Sometimes bad stuff happens you can’t do anything against it, but if possible, always think positive. you will have an improved recovery.

anything that makes you feel better, is good for your recovery.

recovery technique is something very difficult: one needs to learn it and improve it just like one does in training.

I go twice or thrice a week to get sports massaged. swear to god, if I wouldn’t have that, I would have been out of the sport already. flushes out the system, keeps nooks and crannies clean of stuck blood etc. costs quite a bit, but is a great investment in the system. you can replace the Cervelo P5, but you have only one health.

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  1. emm says:

    Most important post I’ve read in ages. And yes, this takes up so many hours of your day, you NEED to go pro anyway!:-)

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