No Kona for me

Yo, due to a combination of family emergency and health issue, I won’t be able to go to Kona this time around. It was a very easy and quick decision to make, because I know where my real priorities in life are.

My body has logged a lot of air miles this year, lots of competitions and training both with great wins and other good results, physically and mentally gotten on the next level, it is natural to feel tired and so does the body and the muscular system, which is better off with some rest now.

Those factors and the combination with a situation in my family ( which I don’t want to disclose ) has also my mind affected because of the severity of the events that took place.

In order for me to be super duper in triathlon, I need the mind and the body to work together harmoniously and in unison. The one can’t do anything without the other.

As you can see from the above facts, that going to Kona would not make any sense. If I am not 100%, I m not going to toe the line. It wouldn’t do justice to anything or anyone.

I will do my very best to be on top of things again physically and mentally for the DIT on the 07th of November here in Dubai and then Challenge Bahrain on 6th of December.

For all of those who read this now and think: yes, he is done. finally something got the better of him.

I got 3 words for all of those: go fuck yourselves. I am not done. I am going to back mentally and physically even stronger than before. same Oli. same fire. same aggression. same chip on the shoulder. same anger.

To David Labouchere and Lynette Warn who compete in Kona this year, I wish them and everyone else toeing the line all the best. 🙂

see you out there. peace

O Dawg

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