all i know: Gucci Links

Gucci Link

Yo, I ain’t tryin to sell you jewellery here. But for me, triathlon is much like a Gucci Link chain: identically sized pieces that have to be put together in a correct way in order to look, or in triathlon’s case work together harmoniously. You can add or take away links if you deem it necessary, but you always have to keep the chain as a whole in the back of your mind. If one piece is not properly linked to the other, then it can not work harmoniously with the rest of the chain. on top of that, it would look pretty stupid if you would walk around with an incomplete Gucci Link chain, hangin’ half open from your neck.

so for all o’ ya, who don’t know what a Gucci Link chain looks like, see the pic above.

my Gucci link chain is composed of the following links ( in no particular order ): training, recovery, coach, strength, equipment, team, balance, nutrition, mental, racing, therapy, swim, bike, run, the game.

very simple. holla.


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