All i know: the prelude

yo, whats hattnin. in my last blog, I asked the readers what they would love to read and there was some feedback. So, the man of my word that I am, here you go. Regardless of making good on a word given, I want to share my triathlon knowledge and pass it on to other fellow triathletes. The way I was raised is that you always share your knowledge with others when you are in a privileged situation. furthermore, just like everybody else, I long and strive to be part of a community and try to do my little modest contribution to be part of the big wheel. Also, I am no one special, I am a daily student of the game, just like everybody else. On top of that, I don’t want to seek shoulder patting, or attention or fame, or any of that crap, either. my goals and motivations for triathlon are modest, authentic and pure and an expression of my pure self. also I have no message or motto. and that’s all.

Of course, I follow a structure here. One of my strengths in life is, that I can look at complicated processes and simplify them and express them broken down to a fracture. Most people always tend to complicate things and therefore potentially lose the point.

the probability for people to put to good use what they read ( if they choose to of course ) is higher when you are simple: therefore I take a step and look at the foundation, the stepping stone to everything.

if you know how to build a good foundation, then the house will be good as well.

As you can guess from the title, the blog series about the foundation of triathlon is called ” all I know “. So, every time that title comes up in the header, an aspect of the triathlon foundation will be explained. I don’t like pics. I like black letters on a white background. no distraction. no fuss. no chichi. just the raw intel, like the CIA says.

small footnote: I am not a coach. I am a competitive animal, caged until the day the comp is, miaooo. I will not publish training plans or exercises here, because I got no clue about coaching. That’s why I hired one, lol. publishing my trainer’s work work is like putting someone else’s feathers on my hat, that’s not how I roll. All that you will read here is my own shit, shit that I came up with through trial and error.

enjoy it, because, you know, I do.





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