Thank you

So far, since its inception, this blog ” Olive Tree sports – the triathlife of Olivier Godart ” has attracted more than 11.000 unique views with no advertising. Thank you very much to everyone reading frequently or unfrequently and for taking an interest in the blog content, where I always try to shine a slightly different light on certain subjects. and of course, so far the number of unique views, motivates me to find new things to stir the pot.

Although there is very little physical feedback ( as in comments or ” likes ” ), but the effective feedback in numbers of readers is a sign of respect from the triathlon community here in the region, and THAT is the currency which is most valuable to me.

Now I would like to ask you readers, what would you like to read about? please let me know and I try my best to incorporate the suggestions into something readable and substantial.

well keep on rocking. peace out.

O dawg 🙂

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