Bummer at IM Texas

Yo, what’s up everyone, normally by now I would be fully loaded, roaring and ready to go. But unfortunately not so this time around. During a training run on the IM Texas course on Monday, I mildly strained my calf muscle. Realizing the strain after the workout, I immediately went into physiotherapy to try to recover in time.

Although I had several massages, iced it all the time, stretching it, resting it, electric stimulation, it has gotten better but not to a condition where I would be a able to run a competitive marathon. At this place, big thank you out to Sterling Ridge Orthopaedics, Dr. Keith Johnson, Emily Finanger for the therapy, Dede from bodykinetics and Amanda from the Muscle Mech. great job and thanks to y’all.

Forcing it in this case, is not an option for me. It would ruin my health first of all, and my season and that is not worth it.

Dealing with situations like this in an adult way, is just as much part of the sport than winning.

My time in Texas, otherwise, is very good. I have met great people like Tim Floyd, who has helped me out big time and everyone at Magnolia Masters. Had a great bike rides through the awesome rolling hills surrounding the Woodlands and runs on the course with Balasz Csoke and Tim Reed. Generally speaking, triathlon is very popular and respected around Houston, so it makes for a great training environment. Even though I am not able to start, I can sincerely recommend IM Texas to everyone, never mind the 16 hour flight.

After returning from Houston, I will focus on the Lux national LD champs in 5 weeks time to retain the title and then do IM Switzerland to get my Kona ticket there. IM Switzerland is still early enough to recover from to be fit for Mont Tremblant, for which I am qualified already.

enjoy training and see you around.

peace 🙂 Olivier



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