Yo, checking in after the ADIT. first Pro start, 11th in a super-duper field with 3:25:25, 6mins faster than last year. I will still remain an amateur, though. swam well with the 3rd group, rode 100k solo, ran consistently in the heat. the ITU world cuppers, boy, they can swim. impressive stuff, chapeau. ah, by the way, the non drafting zone is 12m……. 🙂

another UAE season comes to an end. performed as well as I could the 2 main events ( ADIT 11th, TRIYas 1st ) and 6 other wins in Sprint and Duathlon over the course of the winter. developed nicely and have continued to improve steadily. will focus now on the US/European season.

Big Thanks to Peti, my fam, Lubos. couldn’t have done it without you. 🙂

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