It’s not the arrow, it’s the Indian

Yo fellow TRIYasters,

how is it going? training going well? registered for TRIyas already?

In the third instalment of the blog, I would like to point out what equipment is to be used during a triathlon. Of course, before you get to the triathlon, you have to get there and you have to put all of your stuff in a bag. I always use a very large backpack, a so called transition bag, where pretty much everything fits inside including other accessories such as basic bike repair kit, bandaid, duct tape, and other items that are handy. It is just handier if you have all of your stuff in one place. πŸ™‚ if you do not have that, a large gymbag will do also.transition bag

Now as for the race, the usual way to go is to wear a Triathlon race suit, one piece or 2 piece. You can wear this for all 3 legs of TRIyas without getting changed! how cool is that? if you don’t want to shell out for a race suit, you can wear you swimming trunks, get changed, wear cycling dress, get changed again, wear your running dress. remember: the more you change the more time goes by! πŸ™‚triathlon race suit

another useful utensil is the racebelt where your race number is attached. The belt has to be worn from the cycling leg onwards until the finish. it is comfortable around the hip and easy to use. Of course alternatively you could use safety pins, but the use of those is quite cumbersome. πŸ™‚triathlon race belt

Onto the needs for the 3 legs:
first leg: swim
I suggest a good pair of goggles, and you can swim in your swimming trunks, or if you have a triathlon suit you can wear. If you are serious about triathlon, then you can wear your wetsuit made from swimming yamamoto Neoprene no more than 5mm thick, which gives you nice buoyancy in the water and will fasten up your swim time.wetsuitswimming goggles

second leg: bike
if this is your first tri, than a road bike will do sufficiently. If you are more serious about it, then you can use a so called TT bike, where you put yourself in a more aerodynamic position and you will achieve greater speeds an faster times. I leave it up to you whether you use click pedals with bike shoes or clips where you use your running shoes, again, it depends on how serious you are about triathlon. πŸ™‚TT bikeroad race bikeTT helmetRoad helmet

third leg: run
if this is your first tri, then you can use your normal sneakers that you have at time and that you probably used for the bike leg already. If you are more serious about, then you can put some race flats on and let it rip πŸ™‚racing flatcushioned running shoe

fourth leg: finish
the only 2 pieces of equipment needed here are: the wallet and the thirst, so that you can pay your friends who cheered you on a round of brewskis! πŸ™‚

So know that you know a little bit something about the equipment that can be used, please always keep in my mind: it’s not the arrow, it’s the indian. Just to make it clear, by Indian I do not mean our esteemed friends from the subcontinent, I mean the Native Americans. It is not so much the equipment ( the arrow ) that you use that defines the outcome of your race, it is to the largest part how you ( the indian ) have trained. πŸ™‚

Enjoy everything. TriYourSelf. See you at TRIyas by Acitve Life.
peace Olivier

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