Sometimes, out of the blue, I look back and smile. because in triathlon, I have found what I have been looking for all these years: a form of natural, instinctive, intuitive expression. Something in which you feel completely at ease with yourself and all is in its place just like you intended it to be.

I guess if you look hard enough, then everyone will find their place no matter what it is no matter where it is. I know I have found mine and I am not shying away from expressing that.

Sure, in order to find your thing you have to work hard for it, sacrifice a lot, think, reflect, change, admit mistakes, lose, win, accept challenges, be ruthless at times, be hard to yourself, cry, enjoy, have fun, smile among countless other things. And when you are through with it, then do it all over again. countless times. it never ends, really. but in the end it is all worth it.

in whatever quest you are in, if you dedicate yourself to it on a consistent basis and you stick with it no matter what happens, you will progress and things fall into place. the motivation of the progress at hand gives daily enjoyment and opens up all sorts of doors in other areas. Once a pursuit is started, another quest can be started in another area of life and you can apply similar techniques. Although triathlon technique is slightly different it has taught me quite a bit about business and in general seeing many things through different angles. I find that very rewarding. if I could place a wish for someone else, then I would want them to feel the same.

Come on. Go discover. TriYourSelf and you will see ForYourSelf. TRIyas by Activelife.

Olivier šŸ™‚

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