Triathlon Luxembourg awards

Yo peeps, I was in Luxembourg during last weekend for the Triathlon Luxembourg awards. It is a yearly held event that honours all national champions, Triathlon Luxembourg national series winners, presents the national teams short and long distance.

Being the 2013 National Long Distance champion, it was cool to be there and get to know the people a little bit. The event was well organised and emceed by Tunn Moureaud, who did a great job. After the sponsors’ presentation, whom we are all very thankful for their valued support, the awards ceremony started and it is also great to see here that a lot of kids pick up the sport of triathlon from an early age.

When the national teams 2014 were presented, I found out to my surprise that I am part of the national team for the coming season. Of course, needless to say, I am proud of that.

Shortly after, the presentation was done and during a couple of beers it was great to chat to everyone and get to know more of the guys and girls of Triathlon Luxembourg. I also met Bob Haller, the standout ITU elite athlete from Luxembourg, who just started his young pro career. great guy, and I can’t wait to see him in Rio 2016! allez Bob!

I combined this trip also for some training with team mates Paulo Goncalves, Tom Krier, Pascal Jodocy and fellow triathletes Eric Wagner, Eric Huebsch, Stephane Mohy for the ride on Saturday. Special thanks to Paulo Goncalves for borrowing me one of his bike! 🙂 I forgot almost how cold, uncomfortable and rainy it can be in Europe for training, but pulled the sessions off like intended. We are definitely spoiled here in the UAE with the weather!

Hereafter some pics from the awards. Enjoy! 🙂

national champions 2013National Champions 2013national teams 2013National Teams 2013 Emcee Tunn MoureaudEmcee Tunn Moureaud

Triathlon Luxembourg president Thomas Radoux  Triathlon Luxembourg president Claude Radoux

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