during a 4 day trip to Nairobi last week I realized it again: triathlon is the perfect sport for travelling business people. you can practice pretty much anywhere without having to take your own equipment. pretty much all hotels have a functioning gym with treadmills and spinning bikes ( granted, spinning bikes are not ideal but they do the job ). most hotels also offer some kind of a pool. I schedule the training sessions way before breakfast so that I m pretty refreshed and energized for a whole day of meetings ahead. And when I had something to train in the evening, I scheduled it in after the last meeting and an eventual dinner, when the others decided to have a couple of brewskies.

I think working out regulary keeping your-at-home training not only reduces the stress of travelling, it also keeps you more disciplined overall and therefore I feel like the sessions that are done successfully in a more challenging, efficiency requiring environment such as business travelling are even more rewarding than the ones you do at home. on top of that you get to see a new training environment such as maybe a new City park, or a new gym, new type of pool which makes training all the more better.

furthermore, the discipline that is necessary for these sessions can also be translated into discipline for the workday, which is mentally very rewarding.

enjoy your training during travelling. 😉 Olivier

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